06 September 2010

Lipotomy for Weight Loss: How it Work and What You Need to Know About the Side Effect

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Losing weight fast is everyone's dream. Weight loss journey is so tiring so it's just natural when you at one point tempted to look for help anywhere you can. Lipotomy is one of the latest and simple breakthrough to a slimming body without the use of harsh technique and surgery.

Lipotomy for weight loss

What is Lipotomy?

Lipotomy is a cosmetic treatment aimed at fat reduction. According to Wikipedia, towards the end of the 1990s, Bernstein (Paris) was the first to carry out clinical trials and to try to codify the technique. He coined the term "Lipotomie". Others followed (Haddad in Paris), trying to bring each one their contribution, for example by using lecithin of soya injections, but without, however, obtaining convincing results. Several meetings remained necessary and the results were inconsistent from the quality point of view. The fatty cells can indeed easily present unpleasant and unaesthetic scars called lipodystrophies.

The first to have standardized and to optimize the results, on large scale, was Pirmez with his team in 2002. Pirmez developed a formulation of infiltration liquid of combining effectiveness and inocuity. The basic concept took again the action of the osmolarity, potentiated by the use of a facilitator agent.

For the first time the technique was codified and duly recorded near the European medical authorities. With his collaborator, Durand, they have at the present time a series of more than 800 clinical cases, showing a completely convincing rate of satisfaction.

Lipotomy for weight lossLipotomy for weight loss
Before and After Lipotomy treatment. Image by, www.lipotomy.net

How does lipotomy works?

Lipotomy procedure session lasts to 2 to 4 hours, but it all depends on the part of body concerned. First, measure of body and weight of client will be taken. After that, medical check up like blood pressure and cholesterol level will be done by the expert. If the check up result is satisfying, client will allow to have lipotomy procedure on four parts of their body. But if client's health condition is not satisfying enough, client only allow to undergo a treatment on two part of body only. 

Secondly, after deciding on which part of the bady to be reduce, the expert will inject a liquid into the fat. There are two stages where the first injection is using three small in size syringe, and in the second stage syringe in long size is use. Topical anesthetic will apply on the client's skin before injection to reduce pain. This liquid is meant to unstabilized the fat structure under the skin. 

Thirdly, a hard massage will apply to the skin that just inject. This is to break the structure of the unstable fat under the skin.

With a special vibrating device, the massaged body part will be given a strong but stable shake. This fourth procedure is once again to elaborate the body fat into a very small particle so it may absorb in the blood and flush out of the body naturally.

To maximize the process of flushing out the fat of body through urine and at the same time to keep the body silhoutte from sagging, client is required to wear medical corset made from lycra or polyamida for a week of period or two. In this period, client are not encourage to put off this corset. This corset which material is elastic and very thin can be wear even during bath time, and dry up with a hair dryer after bath. But for a client with sensitive skin, this corset can be put off for a while, maximum time of 10 minutes for bath time. After a week wearing this corset, client is advise to continue wearing it for another 3 weeks, but only during day time. If all this rules follows without fail, we can see a loss of 6-9 cm after one treatment (and maximum 24cm with one women in only 2 weeks).

Rules to follow

After 3 days of treatment, client is advise not to do any exercise routine. The extreme of fat dissolve process in the first 3 days, may cause a dehydration. Within a week to 4 week period of time after treatment, client is advise to reduce carbs intake and sugary foods.

After a 1 week treatment, client is required to make a follow-up visit, this time for checking and massaging using a special vibrating device. This process is a must to stimulate the fat to dissolve in maximum level. This session is going for 3 weeks.

Side Effect

Negative effect that may arise after lipotomy procedure including an increase of cholesterol level and triglicerin in blood. But there is nothing to worry as this is temporary. This is happens when blood absorb the dissolve fat in body, and flush it out through urine and digestive system.

The positive effect about this treatment, is a loss of weight and cellulite, reduce body fat and not water weight. Unlike liposuction, this treatment left no scars on skin.

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