12 March 2011

5 Ordinary Ways to Prevent Stress from Affecting Your Weight Loss

Stress is a natural part of life. The cause of stress are many. Not enough money, loaded of works, tight deadline, unsettled debt, stubborn children, you name it. Chronic high stress can prevent you from losing weight, no matter how well you eat or how often you exercise. Stress - good stress - can be a great motivating force for us to work harder, keeps you energized and focused. But when stress becomes unmanagable, it can affect your health and decrease your productivity at work. As a matter of fact, you cannot delete stress like simply pressing the 'delete' button on your keyboard. But good news is you can deal stress the healthy way and get your life back.

There is always a place to find relax. The closest one is your own home. How you can make you home as a place to unwind you from stress?

1) Create a spa environment in your own home

Pamper yourself in your very own bathroom. Light an aromatherapy candles and turn on soothing music at the background to get the mood. Drop a few aromatherapy oil in your bath water. Before you step in the water, make sure you prepare a clean towel. Lock the bathroom door and switch off your phone to avoid any disruption. Take your time to relax. I love the spa idea!

2) Lazing on bed or watch your favorite movie

You have enough at work. Home is a place to relax, don't bring extras at home. Simply lazing in your private corner and have a 'me' time. As for me? Marathon a k-drama all night long. Haha

3) Try out new recipes

It's impossible to find a house without foods. Show some skills, and cook like a masterchef. If you lack of ideas, shop for a recipe books in bookstore. There are a lot. You can also simply browse the internet and try to cook your favorite food.

4) Dancing

Dance the pounds away! Zumba dance is a fun way to lose weight. It's also an option to de-stress. Isn't that sound amazing? Dance and you got to unwind after a hectic schedule while at the same time losing weight.

5) Find new hobbies

New hobby, perhaps gardening? Gardening as a hobby can be an effective tool for stress management as well. A study shows that gardening improves positive mood more than other leisure activity such as reading. Tending to other living things brings you closer to the earth and heal yourself.

Let's chat a bit:

  • What do you think about stress? 
  • Why do we experience it?
  • How do you manage stress in your everyday life? I'd love to hear from you, share your two cents in the comment. 

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