12 March 2011

Detox Your Mind: The 5 Place to Find Relax

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People always relate detox with diets and weight loss. Detoxification, or in short word, detox is refer to a process of eliminating toxic substances from our body. In my last post, I write about The Benefit of Detox. The detox concept is not for weight loss, however the detox program may result in a natural weight loss. By detoxifying, we can improve our immune function, purify our blood, cleanse our digesting system and reform our lifestyle addiction to sugar and salt, alcohol and nicotine.

In order to truly complete a self-cleanse, it is best to detox your mind as well and purify yourself from negative mind and toxic emotions. We are dealing with everyday stress, and stress can weaken our immune system and overwork our internal organs. So in 365 days per year find a week off or at least a day off every week to relax and improve your well-being. This is 5 best place where you can find peace and relax.

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No.1 - Massage at spa
Massage is a traditional and effective way to relieve stress and tension. Spa is not dedicated for women only, but men as well can cope stress better with massage. You can choose to have full body massage. Before you start the session, it is okay to check the spa's license and certificate to make sure that the therapist is professional and certified. You don't want to end at someone's hand whom will add the stress. Room massage normally quiet and private. Some will add aromatherapy candles to aid in relaxation.

No.2 - Reflexology House
If you are not comfortable to bare in front strangers, you can opt for foot reflexology massage. Reflexology practitioner believe that certain areas on the feet linked to other areas in the body. Reflexology is not painful and it promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain and soothes tired feet. Both full body massage and foot massage are affordable this day. But if you don't have much time and looking for cheaper alternative, reflexology is the best.

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No.3 - Beach
Surfing, canoeing, or play beach volleyball. Plan a vacation, grab your sunglasses and have fun.  The rules for this activity is only one: Put all works, all worries, and stress behind. Just lazing on the beach and enjoy the moment.

Kelly Clarkson, American Idol season one winner

No. 4 - Karaoke House
It's a good idea to head direct to local karaoke house after work and sing all night long, or spend your day-off karaoke with friends. You are not going to be the next American Idol, nor to compete in America Got Talent. You singing suck but who cares as long as you enjoy yourself. Studies shows that singing lower heart rate, decreased blood pressure and reduced stress. "Some people who have been traumatized often want to leave the physical body, and using the voice helps ground them to their bodies. Singing also seems to block a lot of the neural pathways that pain travels through," says , Patricia Preston-Roberts a board-certified music therapist in New York City. So, the next time you need to beat stress, sing and sing whole-heartedly as sing reduce stress and feeling of pain.

No.5 - Home sweet home
There is no place like home. This is my best favorite place to unwind from the stress after work. Without paying a visit to spa, you still can create a spa environment in your own house. Soak your feet in a basin of warm water mix essential oil. Scrub your feet after 15 minutes with Tea Tree Oil Cooling Foot Scrub to remove thickened layers of dead skin. Do your own pedicure after that. A relaxing bubble bath is another way to relieve stress at home. Light aromatherapy candles in your bathroom and play soothing music at the background for relaxation. After bath time, take time to relax on bed, reading your favorite books to asleep. 

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