14 March 2011

Headache: 5 Common Causes of Headcahes and Relief

A person with a headache. Photo from wikipedia
Miriam-Webster define headache as pain in the head. Headache decrease quality work performance because headache put us in uncomfortable situation to perform the best. Here are common causes of headaches and how to find relief.

(1) Migraine headaches is often experienced on only one side of the head, and is characterised by throbbing as opposed to a constant pain. Along with the migraine headache also comes vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, and disruption of sleep patterns. The cause of migraine headaches is still unknown. Migraine headaches often run in families, so there may be a hereditary component. In women, migraine headaches may be experienced during or before menstruation. This is likely due to hormonal changes in the body during this time period.

Relief: A minority of migraines may be induced by triggers. Triggers are specific factors that may increase your risk of having a migraine attack. When you learn to identify the triggers it will be easier for you to avoid them and reduce your chances of migraine attack. What is migraine triggers?

(2) Stress headaches are often present in those who work long hours without enough relaxation. Peer pressure and pressure to do school work adds up and causes headaches. The dangerous thing about these headaches is that they are often paired with high blood pressure and in some cases, obesity or weight gain.

Relief: Stress is good when it become the factor for us to strive for the best. But when we are not handle stress with care, we will fragile. Identify what makes you stress and find the positive solution. Read my previous post on simple way to release stress at home.

(3) Magnesium deficiency will also cause headaches, and caffeine is known to deplete bodily supplies of magnesium. Caffein withdrawal headache happen when the blood vessels in your brain are returning to their normal size and blood-flow potential. The increased circulation in the brain that results from this is what causes the throbbing agony of a caffeine withdrawal headache.

Relief: Don't quit immediately. Take it slowly. Lowering your caffeine intake just by 50% will be enough to induce a caffeine withdrawal headache.

(4) If you experience unexplainable headache that don't seem to have any association with allergies, illness any other form of injury or ailment it could mean that you need to have corrective lenses to help your vision. If your eyes themselves feel weak and tired in what seems to be a shorter time period after participating in things like reading or viewing a computer screen, it could be time to have your eyes examined to see if corrective lenses might be the answer to your problem.

Relief: Visit a qualified optometrist. This is the only accurate way to determine if you need any level of vision correction and what course of action may be necessary in order to get you seeing properly again.

(5) Toxic headache are considered an environmental illness when it is caused by exposure to a toxin. These headaches can be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, including lead, insecticides, organophosphate pesticides, chemical solvents, acetaldehyde from alcohol (a hangover), carbon tetrachloride, and some household cleaners.

Relief: Toxic headaches are treated by determining the cause of the headache and treating or removing it. Fast, cleanse or detox the body takes the opportunity to eliminate a lot of toxins that have built up over the years. Toxins can cause muscle tightness in the neck and shoulders. This can result in tension headaches. Massaging the neck and shoulders will help relieve the tension.

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  1. Causes there may be too many but you have to identify your cause and seek notice to the symptom again and again to be sure.That will be the key to diagnosis and cure.

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