23 March 2011

Painkillers: How to Prevent Accidental Addiction

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Painkillers are medications designed specifically to ease pain. Usually painkillers are created and sold by pharmaceutical companies. While some painkillers have specific healthcare purposes, like certain migraine formulations, most painkillers are general purpose. 

Micheal Jackson. Painkillers may have been factor to his death.
How people addicted to painkillers? The painkillers contain opiates which affects certain regions of the brain which control our feeling of pleasure. This feeling of pleasure combined with a heightened feeling and physical and mental dependence leads to addiction to painkiller addiction. 

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The reason of painkiller addiction varies from person to person.the cases of accidental addiction are unfortunate most of the time. There are certain methods that every person prescribed with painkillers should follow to prevent this accidental addiction to painkillers. Some of those methods or precautions are described below.
  1. The prescription must be strictly and carefully followed. Before leaving the hospital, take all the details from the doctor under whom you were admitted and treated.
  2. If you feel that the dosage of painkiller is not working anymore, consult the doctor immediately. Do not increase or decrease the dosage of painkiller without consulting the doctor. A slight mistake during this period can be devastating.
  3. Always complete the total course of painkillers, do not stop your dosage before the prescribed period. And do not continue taking the painkillers after the prescribed date is over. This can also cause serious harm, which is physical dependence on painkillers.
  4. Do not crush the pills while taking them. The pills are designed in such a way that it releases very slowly. Crushed pills will release huge amount of the medicine instantly which can cause toxic effect to your body.
  5. Do not other people’s prescription for your ailments. Tolerance levels of every people are different from each other and so vary the dosage and quality of painkillers. A doctor knows best what dosage or type of painkiller you need.

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If any person gets addicted to painkillers by any chance, there is no way to get back unless proper treatment is received from any painkiller rehab.

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