23 March 2011

Sauna: For Skin Cleansing and Weight Loss?

Home Sauna from arhdecor.com

A sauna is a small room designed to be heated to very high temperatures, with well-controlled humidity. Saunas are used both for recreational and therapeutic purposes, with most people utilizing them as a relaxation tool that provides additional health benefits. The majority of saunas are built of wood, often aromatic, that release pleasing aromas as they heat.

Steam Room from divapor.com

Saunas and steam rooms both use heat therapeutically, but they do it in different ways. Essentially, a sauna uses dry heat, while a steam room incorporates high humidity and warmth. Both sauna and steam room promotes health benefits.
  • Improved blood circulation: The sauna increases and improves the rate of blood circulation and breathing.
  • Weight loss: Sauna is similar to mild exercise, it burns about 300 calories per average session. Regular sauna treatments combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise will help you lose weight and stay fit and healthy.
  • Skin cleansing: A profuse sauna-induced sweat followed by a shower cleanses your skin far more thoroughly than just taking a shower. It makes it soft and healthy with immediately noticeable effects.
  • Body relaxation: Stress build-up creates tension in the body manifesting in various aches and pains. The heat and humidity of the sauna diffuses the pain and relaxes tired muscles. A sauna in the evening will leave tense muscles and sore limbs totally relaxed. Sauna also temporarily relieves arthritic pain.
  • Mind relaxation: The sauna is essentially a place to relax. Regular sauna adepts all agree that it effectively helps relieve physical and mental fatigue and stress.
Portable Sauna by Verseo.com

Wellness Infrared Sauna
Wellness Infrared Sauna
Enjoy healthy perspiration at lower
temperatures with this portable 
far infrared sauna. With far 
infrared rays, at just 100 degrees 
farenheit you'll sweat up to 3 times more
toxins out of your body.

Regular use of the sauna gradually restores the skin's elimination ability. Sweating removes toxic chemicals and metals faster than other detox method. It is a good habit that pays many health dividends. For the first timer, 15 minutes time of sauna session is okay and 30 minutes for regular user.

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