02 March 2011

Unreveal the 5 Simple Celeb's Skincare Recipes

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye-kyo  born February 26, 1982. She is a famous South Korean model and beautiful actress. You can spot her fair appearance in a number of drama like The World That They Live In as Joo Joon Young (KBS, 2008), Full House as Han JiEun (KBS, 2004) and Sunlight Pours Down as Ji Yeon Woo (SBS, 2004), just to name a few. She is undoubtedly successful playing her role in every drama she is in, but that is not the talk now. Her most porcelain and smooth skin is every girl's envy. The question is how she get that perfect skin and keep it?

Song with Hyun Bin in one scene of  "The World That They Live In"

Beauty  recipe 1: egg white and honey for skin whitening
This is a face mask consisting of one raw egg white (without the yolk) and a spoonful of honey. Blend well and apply to the face and let it dry. After which, rinse off with water. Use this mask on your skin every fortnight and apply it just before bedtime.

Beauty recipe 2: honey for skin brightening

Diluted honey with double the amount of water and massage well into the face. Rinse afterwards. Again this should be used every fortnight and this recipe is good to brighten skin and reduce fine lines. Additionally, Song Hye Kyo also mentioned another recipe of blending together a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of powdered milk and one raw egg white together. Use a cotton pad to apply the blend as a light layer on the skin. Rinse away after 20 minutes. According to her, this is great for dry skin if used every fortnight.

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"Full House" scene with Rain
Beauty recipe 3: milk for soft and smooth skin
Another of Song Hye Kyo’s beauty secret is to use milk to wash her face as well as using milk as mask for facial. Cleopatra is well known to love milk for its beauty properties on her skin.

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Beauty recipe 4: ice cubes for slimmer face

The lovely actress also uses ice cubes to massage into her skin, firming and tightening up her skin thus making her face seem smaller. But using ice too frequent may cause broken capillaries for some skin types.

Beauty recipe 5: vegetables and fruits for beauty inside out

Apart from these natural beauty recipes, Song Hye Kyo is also particular about her diet, staying away from food that is bad for her skin like chocolate, coke, black tea plus junk food and instead eating lots of fruits, veggies and occassionally, eggs. A true practitioner of beauty from inside out!

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