18 April 2011

Beyonce Drink Milk: 7 Reason to Include Milk In Your Meal Plans

Beyonce and her mom pose for Got Milk? campaign

Got Milk? is an American advertising campaign that have feature celebrities such as Beyonce, Heidi Klum and Britney Spears posing in print advertisements sporting a "milk mustache," employing the slogan, "Where's your mustache?" to encourage the consumption of cow's milk. 

Drink milk is not all a baby thing. Milk good for an adult too. If the celebrity you see in the Got Milk? campaign fail to convince you to drink milk, here are 7 reason to drink milk.

1. Drink milk to get help for hair, skin and nails.
Milk is one of the best sources of the vital  nutrients that helps promote external beauty. Protein, lipids, calcium, Vitamin A, B6, biotin and potassium work together to help keep hair soft and shiny. They are all found in a glass of milk. Cleopatra, the famous Queen of Egypt bathed daily in milk and honey to nurture her skin. 

2. Drink milk to get help rebuilding muscle
Muscle breaks down after exercise, and that is why active people need to supply their bodies with the right kind of protein to help their muscle recover fully. Chocolate milk is an excellent way to recharge after a hard workout.

Britney Spears and David Beckham in Got Milk? campaign
3. Drink milk to Ease PMS Symptoms
Research has shown that a diet in high rich calcium foods, like milk, may cut the physical and emotional symptom of PMS in half. With 300 mgs calcium per glass, milk is the perfect PMS comfort food.

4. Drink milk to get help with better sleep
For those suffering symptom of insomnia, a protein naturally occurring in milk may improve sleep quality and next-day alertness. Drink warm milk  before bed to induce sleep. According to Charaka Samhita, the most ancient text of medicine, milk produces ojas which creates a sense of well being and thus promotes sleep.
5. Drink milk to build strong bones
Drink 3 glasses of milk a day may significantly reduce your risk of bones disease and fractures. 

Model mom, Heidi Klum for Get Milk? campaign
6. Drink milk to reduce cavities
In addition to calcium, milk contains multiple antibacterial and proteins that promotes overall oral health. Casein, a protein found in milk helps prevent cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to the tooth surface.

7. Drink milk if water is boring.
It is suggested that we should drink at least 8 glass per day. And other fluids such as lemonade, milk and fruit juice also count. Milk is a healthy alternative if water is boring for you. 

Article source: gotmilk.com

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  1. All great reasons and I am sure we neglect drinking milk these days.Also it is a very easy to make meal when with milk and fruits.Love the celebrities vouching for the same.


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