27 April 2011

Bride Lose Weight Fast for Wedding - Kate Middleton's Weight Loss Plan

Kate Middleton: Prince William's princess bride-to-be.
Kate Middleton, 29 is counting days to her marriage with famous British Royal, Prince William this Friday 29th April. Like other bride, Kate wants to look perfect in her best wedding dress. Being the focus of everyone's attention, every bride want to lose some weight, tone up and slim down on that big day.

During a royal visit to Northern Ireland recently, a woman in the crowd told Kate to not lose any more weight. But Kate replied that it was “all part of the wedding plan”. So what has Kate done to slim down for her wedding?

Prince William and his fiancee, Kate Middleton during a recent trip to Northern Ireland
 As quoted by OK! Magazine from ABC News, Kate trying to lose weight ahead of the wedding, with a high protein low carb diet that originated in France. This French-style dietary pattern known as Dukan diet is also reportedly followed by Jennifer Lopez, People's Most Beautiful 2011 and Nicole Kidman to lose weight.

The diet is divided into four stages: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization
  1. The first phase, dieters must consume as much food high protein and low in fat, including wheat bran and water. 
  2. Then followed by consumption of vegetables, but without fruit in the second stage.
  3. The next stage, eating two pieces of bread with cheese and fruit, and two servings of carbohydrate per day. 
  4. Two days a week, dieters are allowed to eat dessert.
  5. In the last phase, the dieter can eat whatever he wants. But afterward, dieters have to go back to the first stage of the diet occupation, namely the consumption of high protein, low fat, wheat bran and water.

Source: healthystylist.com
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  1. Found you on blog frog. Love your posts! I really need to get back in the game of eating healthy and exercising. I am having such a difficult time getting motivated!

  2. getting motivated at all times is a huge challenge. i'm still work on it too :) thanks 4 visiting

  3. Hi there, found you on SITS! I'm just wondering if you thought Kate looked a little on the too thin side on the big day?

    I thought she looked healthy before the wedding.

    Just wondering what others thought?

    She still looked beautiful though :)

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