04 April 2011

Double Chin: Exercise to Lose Double Chin

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Double chin usually happens when the skin in our necks becomes loose and starts sagging forming an extra, or even worse, two additional chins. It gives a bad look, particularly to the unmarried girls, it is a major problem.

Obviously we all know that plastic surgery can take care of the problem, but before decide to go under the knife, we can do some exercises to get rid out of our double chin. These are double chin exercises:

Exercise No.1:

  • Be seated on a chair with a table in front. 
  • Put your right elbow on the table with your folded hand pressing your chin side-ways from below. 
  • Now try to open your mouth while, at the same time, put pressure from your hand to prevent the mouth from opening. 
  • This two-pronged pressure 'attack'- launched at least 4 to 5 times in a day-goes a long way to remove the double chin problem.

Exercise No.2:

  • Bring your two feet together and stand erect as a ramrod. 
  • Now gradually tilt your head backwards. 
  • When having reached the point, you can tilt your neck back as for away as possible, then freeze your movement. This way, by putting pressure on the chin with reverse movement, you can make your chin free from the folds of flesh.

Exercise No.3:

  • While going to sleep, tilt your head over the pillow to such an extent that it stretches your neck and throat muscles. 
  • The muscles which we are working are the 'Platysma' muscle group. 
  • You need to feel those muscles tighten. 
  • At first, you might have some trouble sleeping in this posture, but gradually you will get accustomed with sleeping your neck a bit.

Exercise No.4:

  • Sit on an armless chair, hold both sides. 
  • Now lean forward as far as you can. 
  • Open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out as far as possible. Hold this for 5-10 seconds. 
  • Now relax for a minute. 
  • Repeat this exercise 5 times in a row. You can do this two to three times a day.

Exercise No.5

  • Press the palms of your hands on your forehead. Gently press. 
  • Apply some resistance with your head and neck muscles. Hold this posture for 10-15 seconds. 
  • Sense that your face and neck muscles go tight. Gradually release the pressure. 
  • Relax for a minute. 
  • Once more do the same exercise after placing your palms over the back of your scalp, then both the sides cupping your ears with your palms. 
  • Repeat the procedure for 5 times in a row. Do the whole sequence two to three times a day.

Keep in mind that reducing a double chin, may not be the only problem. There may be a weight problem and you may need to lose some weight to really benefit from these work outs. You need to watch what you eat and follow other weight reduction techniques too. Double chin removal is not something that can be done in a crash course. You need to be patient and wait for the chin exercises to work.

P/s: Combine these exercises with Contouring Chin Wrap to see quick result.

Article Source: Beauty Cosmetic Guide and EzineArticles.com
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  1. When you do exercises for double chin, do also some face firming exercises to give your whole face a better lift, so it would be best to do various face exercises to achieve an overall toned facial appearance. Do some running and weightlifting exercises sometimes to see faster and better results.

  2. The major causes of Double chin are hereditary pre disposition, age, and excess body fat.


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