29 April 2011

The Top 6 Cause of Skin Pigmentation

Lindsay Lohan has uneven pigment and dull texture. Image by totalbeauty.com

Skin pigmentation is a flat brown spot on your skin. It is usually caused by an age factor. As we get older the skin will lose its elasticity and less able to repair itself from damage. But younger people may experience skin pigmentation too.

There are a few factors that relate to skin pigmentation;

1. Pregnancy
During pregnancy, a woman's facial skin may darken when exposed to sunlight. This condition is called melasma. Generally, the skin will return to its original pigmentation after pregnancy.

2. Medication
Melasma can occur while woman taking birth control pills. The skin pigment usually appear around mouth and cheeks. More commonly it resolves after  stopping the oral contraceptive pill. Antibiotics (tetracycline) and antimalarial drugs may cause hyperpigmentation in some people too.

3. Exposure to the sun
Regular expose to the sun are the fastest way to damage and age the skin. When the skin cells called melanocytes get damaged by the sun, we produce freckles which are abnormal collections of melanin pigment, packaged in a different way than a normal melanin pigment is packaged. They are most common on areas regularly exposed to the sun such as the face and hands. 

The best advice is avoid the midday sun and avoid excessive sunbathing. Always apply around your face and neck a Sunblock Lotion, SPF 50 or at least SPF30, to prevent skin pigmentation.

4. Diet
According to research, the sensitivity of skin is known to increase with the intake of foods containing psolarens such as parsley and lime. Since, skin becomes more sensitive, its exposure to sun causes skin discoloration.

5. Genetic factors and disease
Liver disease causes yellow skin, albinism causes white skin, anemia causes paleness and cyanotic heart disease causes cyanosis.

6. Unhealthy lifestyle 
Unhealthy lifestyle including smoking and stress can contribute to uneven skin pigmentation. Quit smoking and learn to manage your stress.

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