21 April 2011

Weight Loss Success Stories: How Sheryl Get Motivated to be 74lbs Lighter

Sheryl weight 200 pounds in 1991
Staying focus and motivated is the greatest challenge in any weight loss plan. This is what I learn from people who has success their weight loss goal. It's inspiring to read weight loss success stories because they motivate me a lot in my weight loss journey.

Sheryl in 2006, Approx 195-200 pounds
I found an amazing weight loss success story on Bitch Cakes. The blog author, Sheryl spent almost her entire life overweight and obese. Her heaviest weight ever recorded according to Sheryl, the blog author was 208.2 pounds (in Spring 2004). After years of losing and gaining weight and giving up, she is now 134 pounds! (October 2010).

The latest Sheryl: At the bike & run event
I quoted a piece from Sheryl's blog here on how and what keep her motivated in weight loss plan. You can follow further Sheryl's journey through her blog,  sherylyvette.com to get more inspiration.
There are many external things that keep me motivated - things like my meetings, Weight Watchers magazine, reading some of your blogs, watching the Biggest Loser (I know I never talk about it; but I really love that show), and shopping for clothes :) But if I had to say the single most important thing that keeps me motivated is completely internal - It's how I think about myself, aspects of my journey and how important this is.

One major revelation that helped me get to that point was when I finally realized that I had to stop trying to be perfect. I had to have realistic expectations (ie not perfection!) from myself and my body. I also accepted the fact that this was forever - an actual lifestyle change - not a short term thing. I'm not sure if it's because I'm older (and perhaps wiser) now or if things just finally sunk in, but I spend a lot more time thinking about this than I ever did before.

I remind myself that: This is it - I have one life. (Think about that, even if you're afraid to. You're here now, make the most of it!) How do I choose to spend it? Eating whatever and whenever I want but suffering by being fat, miserable and unhappy all the time?

I remind myself that: I wasted the most of 3 decades being very overweight, insecure and unhappy. That was such a waste of time!

I remind myself that: There are people who for whatever reason cannot walk, run, jump and play. They have no choice in that matter. But I am lucky enough to have a working body and I am going to use it.

I remind myself that: My body is mine. I make every choice that pertains to it. I have one body and I want to treat it right so it treats me right! I am in total control of my actions and ultimately my success.

I remind myself that: Nothing is guaranteed in life. Every day is truly a gift - and any one of them could very well be my last. I want to feel good about myself for the brief time I am part of this world.

So, my mental attitude - the way I think about things - has probably been the biggest and most important change, and is what helps to keep me motivated.

I hope you are inspired, as I do. Thank you, Sheryl for giving me permission to publish this. You can also follow Sheryl tweet to stay up-to-date with her activity. Send your weight loss success story HERE and inspires others. Love to hear from you!

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  1. I so follow her! I love the way that she looks when she goes out! I always look a crazy mess when I leave the house to work out! lol

    I also wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comment!


  2. Interesting post. Thank you!


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