06 May 2011

Fat Busters: Four Superfoods That Make You Lose Weight Fast

Gwyneth work out with Tracy
If you workout 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, but you don't watch what you put in your mouth, then all your hard work will waste just like that. But it always not easy to watch what you eat.

The key of success to lose weight fast is getting the balance right. The right amount of calorie in VS calorie out. Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite trainer, Tracy Anderson suggest this 4 superfoods to include in your diet, and boost up your metabolism.

Tracy Anderson is Gwyneth Paltrow favorite trainer

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Apples: You need to include apples in your diet because they are loaded with powerful antioxidants, particularly in the skin.   Apple peels contains 5x more polyphenols than the flesh. Apples are also great because they are sweet and crunchy and can add a lot to a bland meal.  Great for when you are craving something sweet but want to make a healthy choice.

Blueberries: Another fruit that you should eat as often as possible.  Blueberries are great for anti-aging purposes and they have also been shown to improve brain function.  They are high in potassium and Vitamin C, which can lower your risk of heart disease.  Eat a handful of these each morning if possible – never underestimate the power of berries.

Cabbage: Cabbage helps your immune system, kills bacteria and viruses, and is a really versatile superfood.  If you eat red cabbage you can also get the incredible anti-cancer benefits.  I like to mix a bunch of shredded cabbage in a salad, season with an oil-free lemon dressing and add a nutrient rich topping like chia seeds.

Fish: It is critical to have Omega3 in your diet, and it is most prevalent in cold water fish such as wild salmon (my personal favorite).   It’s important to avoid farmed fish if possible, and try to season lightly without any oil.  Fish have also been shown to reduce heart disease, and the fatty variety also helps alleviate depression.

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  1. Great article.I am returing the Follow from One mOMent in time! Thanks for visiting. Ashley

  2. Honestly this book has completely changed the way I look at food, I look at it as nourishment and I want the most pure untainted food to go into my body. Now when I look at processed items or things with aspertame I just think chemicals and that it will harm my body. So this book is very helpful to learn how to eat healthy on a whole new level, the peace of mind is a wonderful result but the physical result is also amazing. I have been following her guidelines for 2 weeks now and see amazing results and I just feel so pure and healthy, knowing my body has clean energy to burn off.


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