10 May 2011

Katy Perry Weight Loss Tips

Katy Perry on the cover of Elle Magazine
What is Katy Perry's true weight? She reveals it in Elle Magazine. 
I was shaped like a square at one time. I was! I’m generally around 130 pounds,(59 kg) which is totally fine for me. But when I was a kid, I was the same height and weighed more like 145."- Katy Perry
Katy Perry at the Grammy Awards 2011
The 26-year old beauty reported saying that she avoid fast food and eat healthy, green vegetables to helps her maintain her trim figure. She also skipping to keep her in great shape. She can keep jumping for 30 minutes without stopping. The Hot and Cold singer enjoys 25-minute workouts every week with personal trainer, Harley Pasternak.
“Katy loves jumping rope, so that’s what we do for cardio. It’s convenient, dance-like and expressive and efficient, time-wise.” - Harley Pasternak, Katy Perry's personal trainer.

Katy Perry is escorted to her car by her personal trainer as she leaves the gym in West Hollywood. Image from zimbio.com
If you are looking for something cheap, yet gives you a good workout, a skipping rope is an ideal choice to get you started. Skipping rope is an aerobic activity that gives you a good cardiovascular workout. Even the workout session is short, skipping rope burn a lot of calories. A 150-pound person skipping rope at a low skipping rate of 60 to 80 skips per minute will burn 143 calories in 15 minutes.
"I like to skip rope and eat as healthily as I can. I like to have my greens and cut out fast food. I also have regular facials. I'm addicted to Maki at Ole Henriksen spa." - Katy Perry

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