03 May 2011

Yo-Yo Dieter, Kirstie Alley Slimming Down For Dancing With The Stars: How To Avoid Yo-Yo Dieting

Kirstie 2011
Kirstie Alley slimming down for "Dancing With The Stars" 2011
Kirstie Alley has ballooned up and down in weight over the years. She proudly debuted her bikini body in "Oprah Winfrey Show" last November 2006, but again she’s gained more weight and appears to be back over 200lbs. The most recent, the 60-year-old "Cheers" alum is once again slimming down before the nation's eyes on "Dancing With The Stars."

kristey alley 2006
Kirstie Alley show off slimmer figure in Oprah Winfrey Show 2006
Have you successfully lost weight and the weight creep up again and you lost it again? This continuing pattern of gaining and losing weight is called yo-yo dieting.

What causes yo-yo dieting? You are setting yourself up for the yo-yo effect when you try extreme diet to lose weight fast. When you skip meals or include a very low calorie in your diet, the body gets the hint that less calories are coming in - and metabolism begins to slow down. The weight loss that was initially achieved begins to slow down or stop. 

kristey alley 2008
Kirstie gain weight again after a fabulous debut in Oprah
Many people hit the wall at this point, and, struggling to maintain the diet, the weight begins to come back on. And what's even worse, is that for some people, the lowered metabolism means they end up with more weight than what they started at!

Freedieting.com gives you six alternatives to yo-yo dieting. Rather than opt for an extreme diet to lose weight fast, it is better to take a more long term sustainable approach.
  1. Aim for modest weight loss (even small amounts of lost fat can improve your health)
  2. If lowering calories do it slowly (i.e. don't suddenly drop 1000 calories per day).
  3. Think of your diet as a healthy eating plan.
  4. Look to change your lifestyle (activity levels and what and when and why you eat).
  5. To break the weight loss plateau you need to give your metabolism a boost. Aim to increase your levels of physical activity. And if you are missing meals or eating too few calories you need to take a serious look at your diet and aim to eat more often (every 3 hours).
  6. Don't skip breakfast.

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