05 June 2011

5 Biggest Challenge to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Exercise well and eat healthy may sound like a traditional advice to lose weight but the most effective ever.

There are many ways to exercise your body. Running, cycling, yoga, swimming and dancing are a few ideas of how to lose weight and stay fit. But many people find it hard to get into the routine. The number ONE solution to every problem, is by identify the problem first.

What is your *biggest challenge to achieve your health and fitness goal?

56.5% said "my motivation is low."

17.5% said "I have little social support."

13% said "I don't know where to start."

8.7% said "I'm always running short on time!"

4.3% said "I don't have access to the right tool."

Having known your obstacle made it easy for you to find the solution.
Step 1 - Select the PROBLEM that matches your situation
Step 2 - Indentify the possible REASON for the problem
Step 3 - Explore STRATEGY to address the problem

*result based on poll at shape

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