29 June 2011

Help Me Lose Weight: Paris Hilton Get Help From Weight Loss Patch?

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Willpower is the most important weapon to stay motivated to lose weight. Being in the public eye most of the time, probably motivated celebrity like Paris Hilton to keep in shape. Dieting and exercise alone can be very hard. The skinny famous Hollywood socialite, Paris Hilton may agree to this too. She has once spotted partying in Los Angeles wearing barely-there bunny outfit that revealed what looked like a weight loss patch.

Paris Hilton diet patch2
Paris Hilton was caught out wearing a bunny outfit and weird patch

Paris Hilton diet patch1
Fighting the dreaded bulge with weight loss patch?

OK! Magazine speculated that she might have been use nicotine patch to quit the ciggies, but there have also been rumours about Paris Hilton wearing weight loss patch to keep her amazing shape after becoming frustrated with attempts to diet.

What is Weight Loss Patch? 
Weight loss patch is a weight loss aids in patch form that is specially formulated to assist your effort to lose weight.

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How it works?
This product use the smell theory. People who exposed to the smell of foods for long periods of time, tend to lose their appetites. The aroma is activated by the body heat and release into the air. The active components but in controlled dose are specifically formulated for transdermal absorption. They are diffusing directly trough your skin into the blood stream and work even before they reach the liver.

The most popular ingredient in weight loss patch?
1) High dosage of a thyroid stimulant
- to increase your metabolic rate, increase your energy level and reduce cravings for carbs.

2) Guarana
- a natural stimulant that has been associated with increasing metabolism and energy. It has thermogenic properties and also double as anti oxidant.

3) 5-HTP
- an effective appetite suppressant agent

4) L-carnitine
- responsible for transporting fat to the fat furnace in our cells called mitochondria. Unless fat makes it to the mitochondria, it cannot be oxidized, no matter how much you exercise or diet.

5) Lecithin
- helps in breaking down the accumulated fat in the blood stream and prevents fats and other minerals from sticking to the blood vessels.

6) Vanilla aroma
- smelling its aromatic fragrance possibly can help lose weight by suppresses your appetite, reduces your cravings for chocolate and other sweets.

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What are the side effect of wearing weight loss patch?
Some people may have skin irritation on the location of the patch. For weight loss patch which contain guarana, the high natural contain of caffeine may cause some people experience headaches, a typical symptom associated with high caffeine intake.

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Final Thought
Most of weight loss patch products claim to be work without diet or exercise. But a use of weight loss patch with a combination of healthy diet and regular exercise will deliver a more satisfying weight loss result.

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