07 June 2011

How to Lose Belly Fat: 3 Flat Stomach Excercises with Stability Ball

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Stability balls are so common in public and in personal gym. Stability ball is a large rubber ball that also known as balance ball or Swiss ball, use to increase core balance and flat stomach exercise.

Choosing the right size of stability ball is important. The right size of stability ball will prevent potential injury through improper use and ensure maximum benefits for your workout efforts. Your weight is not as much of a factor in choosing the right size as the largest balls can support up to 600 pounds.

Here’s a guide chart for you:
  • 30- to 35-centimeter balls (diameter): These are the best fit for people under 4'10" tall.
  • 45 centimeters: Best for people 4’8” to 5’5″ tall.
  • 55 centimeters: Best for people 5’6″ to 6 feet tall.
  • 65 centimeters: Best for people 6 feet to 6’5″ tall.
  • 75 centimeters: Best for people taller than 6’5″.
  • 85 centimeters: Useful for heavier people or those with particularly long legs.
To achieve flat stomach with stability ball exercise, Fitnessmagazine.com has three moves you can add to your flat stomach exercise routine. 

1. Wall-Up
Works abs and obliques
  • Place stability ball about 2 feet in front of wall.
  • Lie faceup on ball with lower back on its center, knees bent 90 degrees, feet flat on wall, calves parallel to floor.
  • Put hands behind head, elbows out to sides. Crunch up; lower. Do 10 reps. 

    2. Side Wall Crunch
    Works abs and obliques

    • Place stability ball about 2 feet in front of wall. Lie faceup on ball with hips on its center, feet on floor about 3 feet apart, toes pointing to the left and soles pressing against bottom of wall.
    • Put hands behind head, elbows out to sides, and rotate torso so that upper body faces left. 

    3. Crossing the Plank
    Works shoulders, abs, obliques, and legs

    • Place ball against wall, then lie on left side with hips stacked, left elbow under shoulder and sides of feet resting on top of ball, right leg crossed in front of left.
    • Slowly lift hips, forming a line from head to toe, and extend right arm toward ceiling.
    • Hold for 30 seconds; lower.
    • Switch sides and repeat. 

    Ps - Ballroom dancing is a reasonable way for you and your spouse to develop flat stomach together. Learn more here.

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