12 July 2011

Lose Weight Fast: Why You Cannot Lose Weight Fast Eating Instant Noodles

Instant noodles in block-like form

Noodles is a common staple of Asian cuisine. A big bowl of chicken noodle soup is not only a comfort food to serve when you are feel ill, but eating soup can help you lose weight as soups have fewer calorie and make you feel full longer, thus you will snack less between meals.

Making soup today is much easier since instant noodles were introduced in the market. Instant noodles are not only popular among university, but its popularity has spread around the globe because they are easy and quick to prepare. However, a plan to lose weight fast is a total failure if you eating instant noodles too often.

Why eating instant noodles too often is a bad ideas while you are trying to lose weight fast? The ingredients, nutritional value and manufacturing process are the key factor. Let us see closely this contributing factor.

1) Total calories
Many people think that to include instant noodles in their diet will help them to lose weight fast because they have fewer calories. But as a matter of fact, one package of noodles has 371 calories according to the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory. How much calorie you need per day is depend on how much your weigh. If your health care provider determine that 1,500 calories is a total calorie you need in the entire day, then eating a package of instant noodles will add an extra of 25 percent to your 1,500-calorie diet.

2) Saturated fat
Instant noodles can be prepared as quick as 2 minutes because they are already cooked. In manufacturing process, noodles are basically fried first. This resulting in high levels of saturated fats. You cannot lose weight fast if you consume foods high in saturated fat combine with sugary foods. In addition, consume saturated fats in regular basis contributing to the development of type 2 diabetes.

3) Sodium
Instant noodles typically contain a high amounts of sodium. A high sodium intake can cause water retention. If you try to lose weight fast, it is best to solve your water retention problem by reduce salt and sodium in your diet.

4) High carbohydrates
Instant noodles is high in carbohydrates but low in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eating high carbs food tend to make you crave more for this foods. Low carbohydrates diet plan is effective to lose weight fast. Combine your diet with lean protein intake, more fruits and vegetables to have a balance diet.

The Diet Plan
Livestrong suggest to eat instant noodles only once in a week rather than everyday if you plan to lose weight fast with instant noodles in your diet plan. Divide the instant noodles and seasoning package into two servings to reduce calories, fats and sodium in half. Serve with fresh vegetables to add nutritional value in your meal.

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