28 July 2011

Six Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

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The infrared sauna is one of the latest developments in a long history of sauna use. Used for thousands of years because of the numerous health benefits offered, saunas can help with detoxification, weight loss, and pain relief as well as for improving cardiovascular health, generating "resonance" in the body, and preparing the muscles for a deeper and more penetrative massage. Infrared saunas are employed within numerous settings including sports and health centres as well as becoming more and more commonplace within the home.

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1 - Detoxification

Even the healthier-living among us tend to accumulate potentially harmful toxins in our body. Smog filled roads and processed foods, as well as lifestyle choices, can lead to an unusually heightened level of toxins in the body. Infrared rays penetrate the body, the tissue, and the muscles and break down these toxins while the increased metabolic rate and heart rate causes us to sweat the broken down toxins out through our skin. The increased penetration offered by infrared saunas when compared to traditional saunas means that they can break even some of the more stubborn toxins.

2 - Weight Loss

A sauna increases the metabolic rate of the body which, in turn, causes the body to sweat. This means a loss of liquid throughout the body and while it is strongly advised that this calorie and liquid loss be replenished as quickly as possible, by drinking water to replace the fluid you may initially put that weight back on but do not put the calories back on. Therefore, regular saunas can help with a sustained weight loss effort when combined with exercise and healthy eating.
3 - Pain Relief And Injury Recovery

Infrared saunas are employed in sports and health centres around the world because they reduce pain and help to speed up recovery of physical injuries. They are also often used as a precursor to deep muscle massage and various other physiotherapy treatments. The fever caused by the heat will also cause the body to help fight bacteria and other problems which may arise as part of that physical injury.

Britney Spears in steamy sauna scene for her "Womanizer" video clip

4 - Massage Preparation

Infrared saunas are sometimes used as preparation for muscle therapy and massage therapy as well as other therapeutic treatments. The penetrative heat from the infrared rays causes the muscles to loosen up making them more malleable and offering greater benefit from a forthcoming massage. When combined in this way, a sauna and massage can yield greater results and benefit than through massage alone.

5 - Improved Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health has really come to the fore and more and more of us are looking for viable methods to improve the health of our heart. A home sauna provides a comfortable and convenient method of helping the heart. As the body experiences increased heat, it cools itself by circulating more blood to the extremities. This causes the heart rate and metabolic rate to increase without having a detrimental effect on blood pressure.
6 - Resonance

The increased metabolic rate and increased blood flow is said to generate something called "resonance" within the body. Resonance acts to increase adrenalin and refreshes the body, increasing energy and reducing lethargy. It also relaxes the muscles and can relieve both physical and mental stress making it a healthy and beneficial supply of natural energy for the body.

Other Uses For Infrared Saunas

Far Infrared, or FIR, saunas have been deployed by doctors, physicians, and many other healthcare professionals for a wide variety of applications. As well as those listed above, they are also used for some substance dependency treatments, chronic fatigue, detoxification following chemotherapy, and even to improve the look of the skin without painful, invasive, and potentially harmful surgery.

With a Bullz.ca sauna you can enjoy all of these health benefits with the added convenience of having your own inexpensive and good looking home infrared sauna.

Article Source: EzineArticles

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