03 August 2011

Three Simple Skills To Get Flat Abs

Jessica Alba is due to give birth to her second child at the end of the summer.

Have you ever encounter any of these circumstances when you was not pregnant?

1. During an aerobics class, the instructor walked up to you in the middle of class and asked you (with her loud microphone) if you was expecting your first child.

2. When you was assigned an exit row seat on an airplane you was told by a flight attendant, “You obviously cannot sit in an exit row because you are pregnant.”

3. The dental hygienists assumed you couldn’t get teeth x-rays because she thought you was pregnant.&

4. The first day of your art class, the instructor asked you when you was expecting.

5. While watching your son during his swimming class, another mother asked you when you was expecting.

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Well, a pregnant woman is the most beautiful woman in the world, but being asked when you was expecting is an awkward situation when you was NOT pregnant!

Embarrassing, but maybe this is a wake up call to change your body now. To achieve flat abs can be a challenge. When comes to flat abs, its not quantity but quality that counts. Lifestyle expert Joanna Hall shows you in Exercise Yourself Thin how to get flat abs with these 3 simple skills.

Why you need to master it:
It gives you an instant smaller trimmer waistline.

  • To master the 'rib-hip connection', lie on the floor with your knees bent.
  • place your hands around your rib cage, finger tips in towards your breast bone. 
  • As you take a deep breath in, feel your rib cage expand. This is how most people start their tummy exercises - STOP!! By doing this you will get a bigger waist! 
  • To combat this, as you breath out imagine you are wearing a corset which needs to be tightened up. 
  • As you drop down you will have engaged your internal oblique muscles, which will help you regain a 'pinched' in waist. 
  • Try to feel relaxed and comfortable in this position. 
  • Engage the rib hip connection before doing any abdominal exercise.

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Why you need to do it:
It gives lean flat abdominals and combats a popped out belly look!

  • Imagine you are in your classic sit up position on the floor with rib hip connection engaged. 
  • Start to SLOWLY lift 2 inches from the breastbone (not the head, chin or nose) lengthening through the crown of the head as you lift and lower. 
  • To help you, imagine your head has to touch the edge of a semi circle throughout the whole movement. 
  • The movement should feel long as you lift up and down.

Why you need to do it:
It stops troublesome lower tummy bulges and supports your back, preventing back pain.

  • To really flatten that lower jelly belly you need to target the deep transverse abdominal muscle, the one you are contracting when you lie on the floor to do up your jeans. 
  • To help you do this - go on all fours and pull your belly button in to the spine up towards the ceiling as much as possible.
  • To test how good you are at this - get your little ones or a friend to try to push you a little
  • You should feel really stable and not really move. 
  • Now repeat still on all fours but relax your tummy muscles, get your little one or friend to push you gently again and see how you wobble and have no stability.

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Master these three and your midriff management will be something to be proud of. 

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