19 September 2011

How to Detox Your Body? Use a Foot Detox Pad. Is it a Scam?

To have a quick fix on detoxifying our body, foot detox pad became a popular choice this day. Detox Foot Patch is claim to fight toxin and restore internal vitality overnight. It's contain Tourmaline, a mineral found in the rainforest in Brazil which is said to improves circulation and detoxification in your body. How far is this true? Ed Zimney, MD in his writing slam a campaign as such.

They make a big deal about how the pads go on clean and white and come off dirty and brown. What else would you expect from applying vinegar-soaked adhesive gauze to the bottom of your feet? It’s bound to pull off dead skin, dirt and debris - but toxins, parasites, cellulite, heavy metals, and the like? No way. I’m sorry, but you can add your comments below if you think I’m closed-minded, unknowledgeable or otherwise deaf to a new miracle cure, but these things are just not coming out of the bottoms of your feet! No I haven’t tried them and no I have no hard data to back up my assertion that they don’t work, but here it is anyway: they don’t work! The skin doesn’t work that way, the lymphatic system doesn’t work that way. The immune system doesn’t work that way. There is just no physiologic mechanism for these types of things to pass through your skin, regardless of what you might apply to it (even “double-distilled bamboo vinegar!) - Ed Zimney, MD for Everyday Health

There are a lot of imitate product this day that will give you the same result. Apply them to the soles of your feet before sleep. The next morning, you wake up you will find the clean and white patch before has turn into a brown and dirty color. The brown color is said to be a toxin extracted from your body. When use repeatedly, it is said that you will soon find the patch is no longer shows a dark color as it was in the first day. It means, the toxin in your body has reduce.

Do you have any experience using foot detox pad? I did tried foot detox pad before for an experience.

On the first day, the patch turn brown and dirty.

On the second day, it was brown and dirty.

On the third day, it was brown and dirty again.

On the fourth day, it produce the same result - brown and dirty again. My husband asked me, why the color isn't changed? Is that mean my body is not cleanse yet?

I am interested with Aidid Mu'addib's experiment in his blog how the detox foot pad works and response in a different circumstances.

Foot Detox Pad

Tap the foot detox pad with the adhesive tape (included)

He fills his baby's cup with a lukewarm water

...and the foot detox pad on top

5 minutes afterwards...TADA! The pad has turn into a brownish color. Is that means the lukewarm water is toxic?

If you have a different opinion or experience with foot detox pad, I would like to hear from you. After all, the best way to detox is by watching what you eat and practice a healthy living.

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  1. No comments. I never use this. It sounds ridiculous!

  2. thats magic , its very nice product , how much it cost?

  3. @egyptien, this product is available widely now and they can be as low as $1, depends on the brand. But as I mention in this article, the fact that this product can extract toxin out from our body is just too good to be true. I have discontinue using mine.


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