07 September 2011

Pictures of Gwen Stefani: The 6 Drinks To Sip and Get a Flat Stomach

Gavin Rossdale was once quoted saying in In Case You Didn't Know of how her wife, singer Gwen Stefani was under pressure to lose the baby weight. It's no wonder how concern she was about her figure as this is her asset as an entertainer.
Gwen Stefani when heavily pregnant with second child. Image from Just Jared
"Yeah, she does (feel under pressure). I mean, she's just so dedicated and she's just amazing with that stuff (weight loss). It's very hard because everyone's so judged the whole time." - Gavin Rosdale
Killer body: Perform on stage in Los Angeles in 2009, 11 months after giving birth to second child (left). Seen recently during a family outing in Malibu in August 2011 (right). Image from Daily Mail.

It is a reveal statement that just as hard as we do to lose weight, celebrities have to work hard at it too. Just 11 months after giving birth to her second child, Zuma the No Doubt singer reunite with her group on stage to perform in 2009, flashing her amazing body and totally toned abs. 3 years since that she still look fabulous. Daily Mail posted pictures of her and family during an outing in Malibu recently which where Gwen Stefani was seen showing off her sensational flat abs.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale showing off their matching toned flat abs. Image from Daily Mail

To achieve a flat abs like Gwen Stefani, it is not only wise to watch out what we eat, but of what we drink too. Oxygen list out 6 abs friendly drinks to quench your thirst and help your acquire those flat abs you dream!

1. Water
Add some flavor with a citrus twist of lime or lemon in your water if you don't like its plain taste. According to a new study, people who drank water before meals three times a day lost five pounds more than non-water drinkers. It makes sense because if you filling your stomach with zero-calorie plain water you will likely less to overeating.

2. Green tea
Tea is a powerful natural fat fighter. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, three cups of tea in a day can stimulate the metabolic rate and burn fat.

3. Soy shakers
High protein diets - which included soy foods, resulted in short term weight loss. Soy proteins mimic the action of leptin, a hormone that tells you to stop eating.

4. Low-fat chocolate milk
A convenient choice for muscle recovery as it offers an ideal carbohydrate-to-protein ratio. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition revealed that women who consumed 1,200 mg of calcium per day lost significantly more weight than who drink less than the quota.

5. Cherry juice
A 4-ounce serving is only about 80 calories. Tart cherries have anti-inflammatory compounds that may help speed up muscle recovery after strenuous activity, according to the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports.

6. Coffee
Caffeine is reported to burn body fat at a steady rate. Caveat: The more caffeine you drink, the greater your tolerance to it‚ which means less fat-burning potential over time.

For creative abs friendly drinks, visit Oxygenmag.com

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  1. This one is truly looking just amazing information about drinks to get a flat stomach. And I hardly believe that Water and Green Tea, the both are really incredible supplements for the same thing. I have also found some extreme and newest features about weight losing from this post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Exercise! Find something fun that can be done, or custom stick. Swimming, biking, walking, boxing, anything that makes you move.Make small changes at first, to get them from sticking. Start by adding fruits and vegetables. Not to be "all or nothing" Even if you eat an entire cake, eat broccoli too!

  3. This one is purely looking one of awesome post about lose weight. And the existing information about the unique drink is massively looking just glorious source. Thanks for sharing some stunning information about weight losing in this post.


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