27 March 2012

Day 2 on Water Fasting for Weight Loss: 9 Tips to Success Water Fasting

Today is my 2nd day on water fasting for weight loss. Yesterday was great. I squeeze a lemon into my drink, because the plain water taste is boring. I weigh in today to record my starting weight. 

It is 72.9 kg (158.6 lb). 

My goal is to be at least 50 kg (110.2 lbs) by the end of August 2012. To achieve this goal I must lose approximately 4.5 kg every month. I decided a 40-days water fast to kick start my weight loss plan. I tried 10 days juice diet December last year but only managed to complete 5 days. Liquid diet like water fasting and juice diet demands a strong mental preparation. That's what I went through during my 10-days juice diet attempt. 

Water fasting may sound difficult, especially if you are food addict. But I read that water fasting is a great tool to break bad cycle of eating. I found this guidelines to water fast in All About Fasting, that I think not only useful for me but to anyone who want to consider to give water fasting for weight loss a chance. 

9 Tips to Success Water Fasting for Weight Loss 

1. Commitment 
Water fasting for weight loss requires a great deal of commitment. The first day during fasting you usually feel the pangs of hunger. And it's usually the first few days that we "miss" eating even after those "hunger pangs" have ceased. Examine your feelings and responses around food and the lack of it, and use that information for greater personal awareness. 

2. Rest 
It is highly recommended that you not work during a water fasting. If you really must work during part of your fast, and this might depend on how long you're fasting, at least reserve the first 3-5 days to be away from those pressures and the pressures of being around the "eating public". If you work in a non-supportive environment, particularly one that is highly charged with strict deadlines or difficult co-workers, just don't even go there. You may feel more emotional than usual during a water fasting. 

3. What to do with your time 
Plan ahead by at least having several ideas in mind for things to do. Treat yourself with a self-spa--take long baths, catch up on uplifting reading, take time for long meditations and prayer or keep a fasting journal, recording your feelings, impressions and insights. 

4. Support 
If you don't surrounded by people who understand the desire to fast, at least tell one friend what your plans are; it's good for safety reasons to have someone objective watching your fast. Forums are a good place to find "fasting buddies" but remember water fasting offers the most as a personal experience, not a social experience. 

5. Additional preparation 
In the 2 or 3 days before, eliminate any and all processed foods, sugar, white flour, and wean yourself off any caffeine products. While you won't need the sight or smell of food to remind you of food, do your best to clean up your surroundings and remove food items from sight and smell.

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6. Weak moments 
You may find yourself having periods of temptation to quit, times you fall into self-doubt. They're just a natural outcome of changing your usual patterns. You can get through these moments by distracting yourself with other activities, like light exercise or taking a nap. If you should give in to any temptations, don't fret over it later, just move on. A piece of food during a water fast won't "ruin everything", and quitting early means you can fast another day as a wiser, more experienced faster. 

7. Colon health 
It's perfectly normal to not have a bowel movement for the duration of your fast. Eating high-fiber foods directly prior to your fast should help make the first bowel movement after your fast easier. 

8. Dizziness 
Fainting can happen and can, of course, cause injury. Dizziness is usually caused by the lower blood pressure fasting can bring about. Keep this in mind and don't stand up or get out of bed quickly while water fasting. Men are advised to sit down on the toilet should they ever need to urinate during the night. 

9. Make it special 
Get out your finest crystal water goblet, or buy a new beautiful one, to use during your water fast. 

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