02 April 2012

Day 6 and Day 7 on Water Fasting for Weight Loss: 5 Ways to Deal With Diet Slip Up

I arrived at my parent's home yesterday with my family for a weekly visit. That is on my 6th day of water fasting for weight loss. I just feel great all day long though I live on water alone, until the evening came.

I received a wedding invitation from a friend just 1 week before. There's no wedding without cookie cake and wedding buffet has lots of choice and very tasty food. This is the reason why I want to decline a wedding invitation and any social meeting while I still on water fasting.

Apart from the delicious food temptation, isn't it rude to not eat in a wedding reception?

The wedding invitation comes from a long time friend whom I haven't met for years, and attending the wedding is the chance to reunite with old friends.

I attended the wedding and ended up the day drank a small bowl of chicken soup, and ate very little steam broccoli, egg tofu with minced meat, sweet and sour fish fillet and stir-fry mushroom which fill half of my plate. I find it awkward to just sit and watching everyone else eat. So I pretended to eat the whole meals and my husband was so nice to helped me finish my meal.

I haven't got over my guilt for messed up my water fasting commitment last night on a wedding reception, when today, Day 7 on water fasting, I slip up again with a small plate of fried noodle after got back from Church service.

I feel extremely guilty. 

It's of course impossible to reversed the slip up. Vomit out my food is not my thing, though I do think of that sometimes when I feel guilty. Then I found this uplifting notes from Fit Watch about how to handle slip up. After reading the notes, I am encouraged to get back on track. I want to share pieces of the notes here.

5 Ways to Deal With Diet Slip Up

1. Forgive Yourself 
Remind yourself that you are trying to change very deeply ingrained old habits, and that takes time and persistence.

2. Honestly assess how bad the cheat was
Did you have one serving of chocolate cake, or did you down an entire pizza, a 6-pack of beer and a roll of raw cookie dough? Was it a one-time cheat, or did you go on a bender and eat non-stop for 3 or 4 days? If you are honest with yourself, most of the time you’ll realize that the cheat wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

3. Don’t beat yourself up
Don't assume that you’ve screwed up your diet and you will be a fat failure forevermore. Don’t tell yourself that you’re weak, have no willpower and can’t do anything right. None of these things are true.

4. Don't starve yourself as punishment
Don't try to force your body to lose the weight you gained from a cheat by starving or exercise 6 hours straight.

5. Don't quit your diet
Cheat is not a failure but an opportunity to do better from this moment on. Diet slip up is only a temporary detours. We are only human and it is perfectly normal to slipping up. Everybody does too.

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