19 April 2012

Week 1 on Vegetarian Diet: 6 Free Online Calorie Tracker and Apps

Do you pay attention to what you eat today? Keeping a food diary will help you track your food habit and doubles your weight loss.

I am not being unhealthy today. I mean, the foods I take today is not include in my Vegetarian Diet plan because I haven't made groceries shopping yet. I have one cup of unsweetened soy milk, 1 small plate of Chinese fried noodle and boiled sweet potato for breakfast cum lunch today. Chinese fried noodle is about 350-450 calorie because noodles is a type of starch and starch has high calories and since its fried, there would be even more calories that come from oil. It is approximately 76 calories in 100g portion of boiled sweet potato. One cup of unsweetened, plain soy milk contains about 90 calories.

At this update, I have consume a total of 716 calorie. See, I'm a kind of person who doesn't like counting calories. But when I make a rough estimate like this, I realize that counting calories really helps me to control my food intake, ensuring me to not eat more calories than necessary. If you are not a pen-and-paper type of person, you can choose to effectively count calories with your smartphone. You can count calories without doing any calculation.

 Built Lean has a list of Best Free Online Calorie Tracker and App. Check it out!

1.  Livestrong
The power of Livestrong’s calorie tracker is in its database of foods and restaurant items, which is an impressive 165K+ items thanks to Livestrong’s partnership with TheDailyPlate.com. This compares to the USDA food database of a paltry 6K. The database has nutrition info not only for a bunch of foods, but for the particular brand of a given food, which has been verified by the companies that make the brands. For example, if you just had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal, Livestrong has that particular cereal in its database verified by Kashi. There’s also a Livestrong Iphone, Blackberry, and Android app for $2.99 so you can track your foods on the go.

2. SparkPeople
They provide calorie counter & meal plans, fitness program, motivation, articles and recipes that you need to reach your weight loss goals.

3. DailyBurn
DailyBurn recommend you a very simple meals that are easy to make and enjoy. There are weekly challenges to help you focus and create healthy habits, the good thing is you can earn awards too. You just show up to DailyBurn, and IntelliBurn™ helps you know what workout is best for you that day. This tool also has a cool separate food scanner app where you can add foods you eat by scanning the bar code. Absolutely free.

4. FitDay
FitDay is another free online diet journal and calorie tracker. A comprehensive set of reports lets you access and analyze personal stats. For example review your body fat percent, blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol.

You can also customized goals and track your progress accordingly. For example track water intake, miles cycled, or how many days you’ve gone without a soda.

5. my-calorie-counter
My Calorie Counter can help you track how many calories you've burned, how many calories there are in your diet, and the number of calories in the food you eat. There are tools such as a calorie counter and charts showing how many calories in a certain food, along with a calorie chart and a journal that acts as your own personal food diary.

6. LoseIt!
It is the easiest app to use and makes you love your iphone/ipod touch even more. The food database is robust, and there are never any wasted steps to input your foods and track your calories. Did I mention it’s free? This is a killer app for calorie tracking so if you have an iphone, I would strongly recommend getting this app. Loseit! does have a website that funnels the information you track so you can easily analyze it, but you can’t add food items etc. on the website (it’s read only).

What about you? Do you use any weight loss apps to support and motivate you to stay on track? What apps do you use or what online weight loss community you sign up to? Tell me about it. Till then, have a great day!

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