27 April 2012

Weight Loss Success Stories: Mary Lost Over 80lbs and Gain Self-Confident

This is another weight loss success story from a 19 year old girl named Mary for inspiration and motivation.

Mary the author of Skinny, eh? has been heavy in her entire life. She is always wanted to lose the extra weight, but had never before found the motivation to completely change her life style. She began losing weight in the summer 2010, and now have lost over 80lbs.

What made you decide to lose weight?
December 10th 2009. I laid my eyes on the most beautiful guy in the entire world. From that point on I knew I needed to lose weight, because he was too good for a fat chick. (Now I would like to say that my turning point toward a healthier life was done solely “for myself”, but in alot of people’s opinions it wasn’t. In reality it is all for myself. I decided to lose weight so I can improve my appearance and be more confident… then maybe I can pursue a relationship with him.) At first I put the thought to rest because he was simply too good to ever date me. About a month later I talked to him as a joke, but he didn’t take it that way. He ended up being the nicest guy ever. He treated me like no guy ever had. I [very possibly] fell in love. Time flew past and I was losing weight, but slowly. June 2010 I committed to not talking to him until I was skinny. I cut off all contact. Just stopped talking to him. (We weren’t close enough that it was a huge deal and reviving our friendship eventually shouldn’t be an issue.) From the begining of the year until August I lost 30 lbs. Then I began to take shit seriously.

Before and after weight loss:
Mary just eat healthy and workout to transform herself.

What changes you made to lose weight?
I was on a very strict diet for the first few months and followed it religiously. I ate even less than the diet required and exercised twice a day (+practice). This made me drop 50 lbs between September and March. It also made my hair thin and my skin sag. I learned my lesson and will never do that to myself ever again. 

How has your life changed after losing weight?
During March I went on Spring Break to Italy and Switzerland. It changed my life. For the first time ever men wanted me. (And it’s Europe so this was magnified by a million.) I thought that I was hot shit. I ate gelato, pizza, and pasta all day every day. Somehow I managed not to gain a pound over those two weeks. But when I got back I found it hard to start dieting again due to the distorted mindset I was in. I gained about 10lbs back… June 2011, I officially started my healthy dieting. :) It feels great to know I am on my final stretch of weight loss and doing it the right way.

Share to us your diet plan. 
Just eat healthy, and work out. If you’re just beginning, track your calories. (Healthy Beautiful Blog recommended BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband Weight Management System.) That’s all there is to it. The better you eat, the more you work out, then then the skinnier you’ll get. 

Before and after weight loss photo:
Mary managed to lost 62lbs in less than a year

What about your workouts? 
Do some form of cardio 5 days/week. Cardio is the best way to burn fat. It’ll help make you lean.

How long does it take to see your weight loss result?
It depends. When I was intensely dieting I saw big physical changes after two weeks. (Like probably a pant size or two, but I was intensely dieting and exercising.) Now that I am dieting less intensely, and working out a lot more just to tone, I’ll feel more fit within a couple days, but I don’t see any major shaping changes for like a month.

Mary's 10 Best Weight Loss Tips

1. Discipline
I have tried every diet there is. But it doesn’t matter what diet you follow. You lose weight through discipline

2. Plan your daily intake ahead of time
It will help you from going over your daily limits.

3. Pack food with you when you’re away from home
Eating out is tricky. This helps reassure that you have healthy options and won’t be forced to eat high-caloric restaurant food.

4. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times
You will mindlessly drink more than you realize. Which helps flush out toxins, and keeps you full.

5. Stick to the outside isles when grocery shopping
Eat fresh! 

6. Buy goal-sized clothing for motivation
Try it on every once in awhile. It’ll feel really satisfactory when it’s getting closer and closer to fitting.

7. Finish eating in the early evening
That way everything is digested before you go to bed.

8. Never eat in front of the computer or TV
This will lead to mindless eating and you will consume more than you realize. It’ll also leave you less satisfied if you aren’t paying attention to what you’re eating.

9.Use an online calorie counting site
(I use livestrong.com). And be obsessive about it.

10. Maximize your protein intake
It’ll keep you from losing muscle.

* All photos are copyright by Mary, Skinny, eh?
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