26 April 2012

Weight Loss Success Stories: Ruby Lost More Than 10kg on a Healthy Diet

I like to read weight loss success stories to motivate and inspire me along my journey to lose weight. They are real people who has lose weight. As I read their weight loss success story, I know that if they can, I can too!

I found Ruby weight loss' blog The Skinny and wanted to share her story here to inspire myself and everyone who are in the same mission to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. The 5'5" girl write in her blog that she didn't lose weight fast. It was very gradual and healthy.

Inspiring weight loss: Ruby's before and after photo
Before: 174 lbs (78.9 kg)

After: 134 lbs (60.8 kg)

Ruby's Diet Plan
I don’t follow a diet. I do have certain foods I try to eat and foods I try to avoid, but I don’t have a set meal plan or a daily allowance of calories. If I had to guess, I’d say my daily intake falls in the 1200-1800 range. 

How to get rid of loose skin after weight loss 
Although I lost a fair amount of weight, I lost it very gradually. This gave my skin time to change too. Skin is elastic, and just as it can stretch when you gain weight, it can tighten back up when you lose weight. I also take a multivitamin that contain collagen, which helps with skin elasticity. And actually, my skin is probably looser than it would be if I had been this weight my whole life. If you pinch a bit and pull, it does come away from my body more than it did when I was heavy, but it doesn't “sag.”

How to deal with stretch marks 
I don’t have any magical formula for how to get rid of them, but I would think that using moisturizer (Healthy Beautiful Blog recommended Premium Stretch Mark Cream) and taking collagen (Try NeoCell Super Collagen- HBB) or hyaluronic acid as a supplement would help. Also, my father used Mederma cream on his scar from having quadruple bipass surgery and it completely disappeared! 
(Of course that was a scar, not a stretch mark, and it was a fresh scar, so that might make a difference.)

Before and after weight loss photo:
Ruby said about her weight loss, it was very gradual and healthy.

How to lose weight on specific area, eg. tummy, butt, thigh? 
Unfortunately there is no such thing as “spot reduction.” Exercises can help to build muscle in a specific area making that area appear tighter and more toned, but they can’t help burn fat in a specific area. When your body needs energy and it decides to burn fat, it will decide where it takes that fat from, not you. So even if you’re doing a thousand leg lifts a day, your body might decide to burn the fat in your boobs. Yeah, it sucks, but that’s how it is.

So if you have a problem area, the only thing you can do is continue to lose weight (in a healthy way!) until your body decides to start burning fat in that area. This isn’t to say that toning exercises are a waste of time, though. Adding muscle to your body actually increases your metabolism, causing you to burn more fat throughout the day. And doing muscle building exercises will help to make your body appear toned and in shape as well.

*All photos are copyright by Ruby, The Skinny

Do you know any great weight loss success story? Or do you have an inspirational story about your own weight loss? We want to know your weight loss secrets! Add your story here and give others an inspiration and motivation to lose weight today.

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