09 May 2012

Lymphatic Drainage for Weight Loss: 3 Ways to Do a Lymphatic Drainage for Body Detox

The lymphatic system is part of your body's immune system. It transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, collecting toxins on the way and then flushing the toxins out through the lymph nodes. Lymphatic drainage techniques can aid in weight loss by helping to remove these unwanted substances from the body.

There are 3 ways to do a lymphatic drainage.

1) Lymphatic drainage massage
The lymphatic drainage massage uses very gentle pressure, long rhythmic strokes and pumping movements towards the direction of the lymph nodes throughout the body, with the aim of getting rid of toxins in your body. Overweight people or people who have sluggish metabolism may benefit from this treatment. This massage is not only relaxing but it increases the flow and volume of lymph fluid. Blocked lymph system can cause a toxic environment that many adverse health conditions can follow, including weight gain.

You can get lymphatic drainage massage at spas near you. Make sure to drink plenty of water before session to help your body to flush out the toxins from your body. Not long after receiving a lymph drain massage, a person will often have a bowel movement in which large quantities of pale colored mucoid substance is passed.

How To Do Self Lymph Massage Techniques

2. Lymphatic drainage using Vibraton Plate
Vibration Plate machine are quickly becoming the most popular exercise machine when Madonna publicly gave a testimonial to the use of vibration plates. This Vibration Plate is also use by other famous show business faces like Jonathan Ross, Kylie Minogue, Claudia Schiffer, and Natalie Imbruglia. Using the machine is quite easy. Just stand or sit on the plate 10 minutes a day. Vibration plate provide an easy full body workout. To develop strength, power, muscle tone and definition, put tension on the muscle by performing conventional exercises while standing on the vibration plate. The vibrations of this machine can cause an involuntary reflex muscle contraction 25-50 times a second. The muscle pump will help to cleanse toxic buildup from the body by improve blood circulation, stimulate, and enhances lymphatic drainage.


3. Lymphatic rebounding exercises 
The simplest way to stimulates the free-flowing lymphatic drainage system, and get rid toxins out of your body is by bouncing on a trampoline. Bounce on a mini trampoline every day for five minutes will increase your lymph flow by 15 to 30 fold, and gently ease waste materials out of the lymphatic system. Use of a mini trampoline has proven to be an efficient form of exercise with virtually no harmful side effects. Your cardiovascular fitness will excel, and you will be toning your body at the same time.

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