31 July 2012

Losing Weight After Pregnancy: Hillary Duff Intends to Lose Her Baby Weight Slow and Steady

It seems like a standard for a celebrity mom to lose weight so fast after having a baby. Beyonce lost an amazing 27kg just 4 months after giving birth.

Gorgeous mom: Hillary debut her post-baby body 9 days after giving
birth to her son. Image from Why Fame 

It's understandable that celebrity would want to lose weight fast after pregnancy because of their celebrity status put them in the judgmental public eye most of the time. Taking a positive attitude like fellow celebrity mom Aishwarya Rai, Hillary Duff is not worry at all about losing the baby weight in miracle time.
I think if you ask any pregnant mom, they're like 'I want my body back,' but it takes time.

It takes nine months for your body to get that way and it's putting on that weight on purpose. The second I start to get down like 'what happened to my body,' I look at my beautiful baby and I've never been more appreciative for the body that I have

Hillary Duff told Us Weekly about losing the baby weight.
Sweet Couple: Hillary Duff and husband during her early pregnancy
Image from Hillary Duff News & Pictures 

The former "Lizzie McGuire" star who married NHL player Mike Comrie in August 2010 welcome their first child, a baby boy Luca Cruz Comrie, on March 20 this year.

She tweeted to fans, "20 minutes on the elliptical seems like an eternity!!! What the hell…"

Hillary hitting the gyms two weeks after giving birth to shed the baby weight, but she'll make sure she's not overdoing it.

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  1. I think that its great that she is taking it slow. I am glad not everyone in Hollywood is so superficial! Stopping by with the Friday Blog Hop.


  2. It's great to see a bit unperfection in Hollywood. Thanks for stopping here, already return the visit to your page.


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