05 July 2012

5 Tips to Become a Morning Person

It's kind of super slow updates here.

The last time I stepped on the scale, I was 68 kg. I weighed myself on Monday and here is the result.

I'm 1 kg down!
67.5 kg as I step on the scale on Monday's 2/7/12 Weigh-In.
Last 4 week: 68kg
This week : 67.5

I'm frustrated seeing very slow result on the scale, but I understand that this is the price I have to pay for not exercising and being out of control around foods.

I decided to rise early, shine as well with my workout routine to go back on track. I thought that morning is the best time to exercise because it frees me of having to wait for my kids to go to their regular day time nap before I can start my exercise routine. You also won't have to think about a time to shower before fancy dinner plans if you exercise in the morning. Morning exercise also give yourself more free time after work by not having to hurry to the gym, find parking, wait for a machine during the workout “rush hour” and get your exercise in.

I know it wasn't easy because I'm not a morning person but I know that soon I will adapt.  If you are just like me who can't wake up in the morning, you might find this WikiHow's 5 Tips to Become a Morning Person useful to you.

1. Reflect about the purpose of getting up earlier
Think about the reasons why you'd like to get up earlier in the mornings. It can be a routine matters such as checking emails and paying bills to be done first thing in morning while you're alert and get them out of the way; or maybe having quiet time to yourself -- read,write,exercise or meditate before anybody else in the house is up 

2. Go to bed earlier
Sleep earlier to rise earlier. Consider going to bed earlier in increments. Start with 15 minutes earlier, with the expectation of getting up 15 minutes earlier, then gradually increase this to half an hour and then to an hour. Avoid watching TV, using the internet, or eating just before bedtime. Avoid bright lights, caffeine, and alcohol, as these will all wake you up more. Allow yourself to read in bed. Reading is a quiet activity and it will often induce sleep in the supine position.

Image from Chew on This
3. Set your alarm clock
Make the alarm clock loud. If possible, make your alarm clock play loud music to wake you up, instead of the traditional beep. Keep the alarm clock far enough away that you have to get out of bed to shut it off. The effort of having to rise from bed to shut it off will bFe enough to start waking you up properly.

4. Help Wake Yourself Up
Trick your body into greater alertness. Turn on bright lights on first thing in the morning, or going out into the morning sun. Force yourself to leave the room – go to the bathroom, drink a glass of water, splash your face with water, stretch and make your bed, open the curtains, or anything that will overcome your inner chat about returning to bed.

5. Have a good breakfast
Breakfast is your energy source, a kick-starter for the rest of the day. Early bird has to wait longer until lunch time, so don't skip breakfast.

Are you an early morning riser or a night owl?

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