16 July 2012

Weight Loss Success Stories: How a 170kg Lazy Gamer Lost 36kg In 6 Months

If you read my previous weight loss success story post, you'll know that Raycheal lost 36kg in 6 months by avoiding rice and jogging regularly. But this video game journalist who enjoy eating and staying seated for a long period, drop 36kg in 6 months without regular exercise or surgery. He did not completely stop eating fast food. So, how did he do that? Mike Fahey weighed 170kg at his heaviest with his 6'6" (198cm) frame.

He shares this 3 simple steps in KotaKu that are easy to follow.

Tip No 1: See Your Doctor 
Seeing the doctor when you’re grossly overweight is no fun whatsoever. The only thing worse than someone making fun of your weight is someone making sense of it, something doctors do with frustrating regularity. They understand the health risks. They’ve seen the damage done. They may have even had patients die because they were too big. So when they bring the full weight of years of experience to bear on you with that disapproving look, own it. There’s a reason you’re disappointing your doctor, and there’s a way to make them happy. Whatever you do, don’t look the number up on the internet. We’ve all got different bodies, so going off a generic chart is a recipe for failure, disaster, or weight loss that isn’t nearly as healthy as it seems.

Tip No 2: Grab a Calorie-Counting App 
MyNetDiary for the iPhone is my constant companion these days. Armed with my calorie target and the fitness app, my eating habits have transformed from stuffing my face whenever I can to “How much can I fit in this 2200 calorie box?” It’s a game, essentially. I eat breakfast, enter in the calories (MyNetDiary features a handy bar code scanner and a built-in food look-up), and then get a figure telling me how much more I can eat that day. There’s strategy involved here.

Tip No 3: Change the Way You Think About Eating 
Easier said than done, right? For me this is less of a step than it is a side-effect of the entire process. I used to eat what I wanted, when I wanted. I am a grown-up, I have the income, why shouldn’t I? Well, not only is that unhealthy, I was denying myself one of the best parts of the dining experience: the anticipation. Looking forward to the next day, when I would have room for a couple of slices of pizza. Planning a date on the weekend to go out to a nice restaurant. Eating is an event now, instead of an automatic process. It’s exciting. I look forward to it every day. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. And that’s really all I’ve done. I set aside one day a week to cheat; half the time I don’t even use it. I watch the kilos go down. I enter them in my application. I watch the stats drop. I play the game. And it’s worked for me.

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