13 July 2012

Weight Loss Success Stories: Real Mom Lost 69 lbs After Pregnancy

Losing weight is a concern for many mothers after the birth of a baby. Although it's a normal thing to gain weight after giving birth, women tend to be pressure to lose weight quickly after a baby when seeing celebrity mom like Beyonce seemingly lose her post-baby weight almost immediately. How do celebrity moms like Beyonce bounce back into shape so quickly? Their high-profile celebrity status make them highly motivated to lose the weight. They hire trainers, nutritionists, and full-time nannies to help them get their bodies in red carpet shape fast. Do you think "normal" mom can achieve the same success?

Mandi Durborough, a stay-at-home mom with two kids proves that losing weight after a baby is possible. She exclusively tells Healthy Beautiful Blog about her amazing weight loss. As a mom on my own weight loss journey, this is so inspiring! You can read Mandi's weight loss series on her blog Debonair Bandit.

Get ready to be inspired!

Healthy Beautiful Blog(HBB):What is your starting weight and current weight? 
Mandi: My Starting weight was a sad 228 pounds. (103 kg) I am currently 159 pounds, (72 kg) which means I have lost 69 pounds (31 kg). Though I still have 14 pounds (6 kg) left that I would like to lose.

Before and After Weight Loss: Mandy bounce back into shape after baby 

HBB: What made you decide to lose weight? 
Mandi: My children. My oldest is 2 and a half and my youngest is 10 months. I knew that if I wanted to chase them around and not feel like I was dying, I needed to lose the weight. I want to lead a healthy lifestyle so as to be a role model for when my girls get older.

HBB: What challenges you facing in losing weight? 
Mandi: I have a really hard time with certain foods, mainly icecream. I could eat a whole ben and jerry's if left alone with it. Though in general I have a hard time making time for working out, but I do not make excuses. If I cant do a work out during nap time, I move the time around to fit my kids schedule.

HBB: What changes you made to lose weight? 
Mandi: I actually started working out regularly again and not just once every few weeks or so right after I had my second daughter. I started a 5-6 days a week work out routine. I work out when I can. I don't make excuses. I just do it. I also have changed my diet. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I snack on them all day long. I also eat sweet potatoes, chicken and grass fed beef a lot. I do not eat dairy, and no potatoes or beans. I rarely eat bread or any kind of grain. I also cut out as much real and artificial sugar as often as possible. I also love love love coffee {black coffee. extra strong}.

Washboard abs: Mandi lost 69lbs after baby, 
prove that real mom can achieve the same success of celebrity mom.

HBB: How long does it takes to see your weight loss result? 
Mandi: I honestly lost all of the weight in the first 7 months. I have just been battling these last 14 pounds for the past 3 months now. 

HBB:  How has your life change after lose weight? 
Mandi: Well I started running soon after I had my second daughter, and added a mile each month, By month seven I completed my very first 12k race. I finished in 1 hour and 25 minutes which I am very proud of. I am not so much proud of how slow I was but proud that I did not stop at all and that I finished that race. My life changed in the way that I make goals and finish them. I think about what food does once in goes into my body, and I can now run after my kids and chase them till they get tired and not the other way around.

HBB: How do you maintain your weight loss
Mandi: Well I still have 10 pounds that I would like to lose, but to maintain weight I would work out 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes and would watch what I eat. Maintaining weight can require just as much focus as losing weight. Being healthy is a lifestyle not a quick little fix.

The Perfect Family: Mandi and her family when she was
 8 months pregnant with her second baby

HBB: Please share your best 5 weight loss tips. 
1.Give yourself a shelf. 
I have a shelf in the pantry and the fridge where I keep food I can eat and I eat off those shelf's only. My family can eat their foods and I am not as tempted. 

2. I have 3 times a day where I can work out. 
If I accidentally miss the first time I can chose a different time. Like I usually work out during nap times, but that doesn't always work out, so I can also work out after their bed time or I can take them to the park that is further always and work out there. 

3. On really stressful days I work out twice as hard so I can get those endorphin high's instead of a Ben and Jerry's low... 

4. Don't ever do the same work out day in day out. 
Mix it up. Your body will thank you. Change it up. I am a runner and I love to run, but my knees will kill me if I run 6 days a week. Instead, I will do long distance walks or hop on my elliptical machine or try out some work out videos.

5. Take pictures of yourself before your weight loss journey. 
It might be embarrassing at first, but you won't regret it later. 

Fit and fabulous: Mandi with her two beautiful kids.
 HBB: Please share your diet plan? 
Mandi: I follow the Whole9 lifestyle for the most part. I eat fruits and vegetables all day long. I literally snack on fruit anytime I think about eating bad foods. I do not eat grains of any kind or dairy. I drink almond milk and use coconut butter and oils in most of my cooking. I try to stay away from artificial and sugars of any kind, though I wont lie. I do eat the occasional cookie or what not. 

HBB: Please share your workout plan. 
Mandi: I plan a 5-6 days a week work out. I will either go for a run {2-5 miles} or hop on the elliptical {40 -75 minutes} followed by stretching and yoga and strength training focusing on abs and butt and thighs for 20-30 minutes. Though I try to get in 10 minutes of ab work outs everyday.

All pictures are copyright by Debonair Bandit 
Do you know any great weight loss success story? Or do you have an inspirational story about your own weight loss? We want to know your weight loss secrets! Add your story here and give others an inspiration and motivation to lose weight today.

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