20 August 2012

One Unsmooth Morning

I'm not starting off my day very well today. I am tipping the scales at 67kg this morning. I have no idea how accurate this scale is because I use the one at my parents house. It's a bit antique. 

I went to bed late last night. I supposed to rise early to do morning exercise according to my new weight loss plan. But I overslept and the kids woke up before me.

So I missed my morning workout. But that's not a reason to postpone my diet tomorrow. I have 24 hours a day,and I will try my best to sneak between my kids' day nap to exercise.

"Where there's a will, there's a way."

I renew my weight loss plan and am suppose to have fruits only for breakfast. But when I feed the kids with biscuits and fried mee for breakfast this morning, I 'accidentaly' join them. Not according to the plan. This is sound like sarcastic but I plan this is going to be my first and last meal for today. The rest of the day, I will only fill my stomach with fruits and vegetables soup. And drink lots of water.

I got my 'lesson' today. Always prepare fruits for breakfast before going to bed every night, so I can simply grab one on a busy morning.

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