04 September 2012

Food Lovers

I am so disappointed with myself all last week.

I don't have a serious workout, and I fail to commit to my weight loss plan.

I am such a food lovers. I meant food lovers. I don't have heart to throw away leftover foods when thinking about starving Somalis children who don't have enough food to live. My kids are picky eaters. Husband spends his days at work. So, we have a lot of leftovers that seem to go to waste. I feel like a trash bin at the end of the day, because all the leftovers end up in my stomach, simply because I don't want to waste food.
Starving child: We always waste some foods, but people in different countries are starve to death.
My husband knows I love curry puff. And he brought some leftovers from his workplace yesterday. Some --- i mean foods for four. But my kids hardly eats that. And again I am the one who finish it all. Today, he bring back my favorite yam pan cake. I can't resist for two reasons. First, it's my favorite and secondly I don't want to make him feel upset by turning it down.

2nd day on second week: I ruined my diet.

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1 comment:

  1. It's hard to get healthy when you have kids and a husband because you will always have "yummy" things to cheat on since ur the only one on a diet but don't give up! =)


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