26 September 2012

Weight Loss Success Stories: "I Did It!" Discover How Jocelyn Going From Size 12 to Size 0

What a difference a year makes for Jocelyn, 28. The San Diego-based girl decided to lose weight when her size 12 pants were getting too snug, and she was sick of having to continually buy bigger clothes. Losing weight can be challenging and for Jocelyn it was her zero knowledge about nutrition and had never been physically active. But she dropped the excuses and went from a size 12+ to a size 0 in about 1.5 years by educated herself on proper eating habits, and stopped eating/drinking empty calories. Jocelyn also became physically active and learned to love fitness. We can came up with 1001 excuse for not losing weight. But weight loss success doesn't come to you--you go to it. So don't let weight loss excuses stand between you and your goal weight!

Weight loss success has change Jocelyn in so many positive ways. Jocelyn says, she feels more confident now, and she has more energy. She's no longer afraid to wear shorts, love being outdoors, and staying active. She is also pursuing a career in the fitness industry. Jocelyn avoid empty calories, and exercise 6 days per week to maintain her weight loss. She blogs about how she lost weight and how she stays thin on Habitual Weight Loss. Make sure you visit her blog to learn more about how she had accomplished her weight loss success.

Body Makeover: Jocelyn went from size 12+ to size 0 in 1.5 years

Jocelyn 5 Best Weight Loss Tips
1. Stay active throughout the day
2. Have confidence in yourself
3. Avoid calories from sugary beverages
4. Eat lean proteins
5. Find an exercise that you love

Joceyln's Diet Plan 

  • Breakfast- 1 C nonfat plain yogurt or ½ C nonfat plain yogurt + ½ C high fiber cereal
  • Lunch- Tuna wrap (with Dijon mustard instead of mayo) on a Trader Joe's Wheat and Corn tortilla, or a black bean and rice burrito on a Trader Joe's tortilla.
  • Snack- Baby carrots, apple, Kashi TLC bar
  • Dinner- (~500 calories)- I make dishes that contain lots of vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins
  • Late night snack- If I need a little snack before bed I like air-popped popcorn or a square of dark chocolate. 

Jocelyn's Workout Plan 
Jocelyn says, she change this all the time, but right now it looks something like this:

  • Running - 3 days/week 
  • Water Aerobics- 1 day/week 
  • Pilates- 1 day/week 
  • Bootcamp/strength workout- 1 day/week 

She is also stay active by doing a lot of walking. Her favorite exercise is indoor cycling, but she is not currently a member at a club. If you find inspiration and hope from Jocelyn's story don't forget to say thank you to her via her blog Habitual Weight Loss.

We want to hear what challenge you faced in losing weight. If you have successfully overcome one, please drop a line below and tell us your experience. If you have a success story to share, please feel free to send to us together with your before and after picture. No one can change a person, but your weight loss success story might be a person's reason to make a healthy changes.

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