15 December 2012



Spending time at parents' house is really an easy excuse for me to pay less attention on a diet. As usual, being at my parents' house is a ticket for me to indulge on everything. But from now on, I have to see this as a challenge and try to find ways to cope.

Yesterday was our first Christmas at my parents house. One of our neighbour who was also there throw me a warm smile, and say hi. But instead of wishing her Merry Christmas, I went with a weird greet. Shake her hand and said, 'my tummy, (pointing at my tummy) this fat, they are growing bigger.' LOL

Actually, I noticed (or maybe it's only me that think so) that she had a short glance on my tummy, so before she asked something like, 'when your due is?',  I thought it's better for me to avoid such awkward question by "warn her" beforehand that my bigger tummy is nothing to do with pregnancy.

Thinking about it, how funny it was. Not an appropriate greet but am simply can't help myself. I just feel so insecure about my appearance, especially my middle part.

Something need to be done.

P/s: My heart goes to all parents in US who lost their children on tragic accident today.

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