09 December 2012

Weight Loss Story: Morbidly Obese Mom Lost 51kg in a Year

Cacia before losing her weight with her daughter Isabelle. Image by Scribblers

She was so fat that she broke her daughter's bed while reading her a bedtime story. While on a family trip to Turkey last year, she couldn't fit the aeroplane seatbelt around her. She kept putting off her wedding date because she afraid of wouldn't find a dress that fitted here.

It's not that she never tried to lose weight before, but Cacia Griggs, 26 just never had the motivation to continue a diet after another diet. A newspaper article was her wake up call to lose weight. She said: 'The article explained how daughters of obese mothers were much more likely to grow up to be obese themselves. 

'The thought of subjecting my beautiful little girl to a lifetime of weight-battling misery and ill-health was too much for me to bear. In that moment, I knew I had to make a change and it had to be now' 'It might as well have been written about me and my daughter. She was already starting to copy my bad eating habits, asking for the fizzy drinks and junk food that I was eating.' 

Cacia was morbidly obese size 24 at 18-stone (114 kg) when she began the Cambridge Weight Plan in June 2011. One year later she lost eight stone, dropped to a size 10, by simply swapping her high-calorie diet for soups, shakes and bars. She finally be able to wear her dream wedding dress on her wedding to fiance Chris. But instead of wearing the size 16 that she'd bought as her incentive to lose weight, she ended up wearing size 10 dress in her wedding.
Cacia before and after losing weight. Image by Scribblers

Losing weight really change Cacia's life. She wears no more black clothing and baggy tops. And the best part about losing weight is she is able to lay with her daughter again on her bed instead of sitting on the floor next to her.

Cacia on her wedding day with her husband Chris Griggs,
wearing her dream wedding dress. Image by Scribblers

Cacia has now been crowned Cambridge Weight Plan's Slimmer of the Year in August this year after dropped 14 dress sizes, and reached her goal weight of 10 stone (63 kg).

Do you know any other successful weight loss similar like this? Share your link in the comments or submit your story to us.  

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Nice weight loss diary. It's so important example for us.
    Thanks for the post.
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  2. Ive just started the Cambridge plan...not new.to it but more determined. These stories really help x


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