23 February 2013

Day 7 on Juice Fasting: 9 Tricky Trick to Win the Weight Loss Battle of the Mind

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Drink water. Drink more water to lose weight. It is Day 7.

Benefits of water #7
Benefits of water #7
I hate to confess this, I feel like quitting. I don't actually getting a 'real' started with this juice fasting plan. I just begin the plan, and mess it up sometimes. Yet now I feel like giving up. I feel bored with the plan, and I missed to eat certain types of food - pork noodle soup, pasta salad, dim sum, fast food...don't make me continue. The list could go on and on. Old habits are hard to break.

Willpower: Does this seems familiar? Trying to lose weight but keep losing on battle with your mind
Willpower: Does this seems familiar? Trying to lose weight but keep losing on battle with your mind  

I just have to go back to my Why I Want to Lose Weight list and be refreshed with my weight loss mission. Do you ever feel like giving up the whole weight loss plan and exercise thing? I found this helpful hints on Mind Power News, How to win the weight loss battle of mind. Head over to the website to read further. I just highlight some of the tricks here.

1. Be patient, don't stress

Losing weight in any kind of healthy way is going to take time. Give yourself a break and relax, and the weight will come off. Stressing about weight loss will likely only make it harder to lose. 

2. Break the cycle of excuses

We all make excuses to try to justify our behavior, but these kinds of excuses aren’t doing you any favors when it comes to weight loss. Force yourself to accept your failures and work to improve them. 

3. Make the decision to be thinner

Sometimes all it takes is a firm resolution to make a change in your life. If you want to lose weight, make the choice to do so and let your actions follow suit.

4. Take responsibility

No one is forcing food down your throat or keeping you from the gym. Once you realize that and can take responsibility for your own actions regarding your health and fitness, you’ll be one step closer to meeting your goals. 

5. Look at the bright side

Setbacks don’t have to ruin your motivation for weight loss. Instead, think of them as a chance to work harder and prove your commitment to your goals. 

6. Eat foods you crave

You can have foods you crave while you’re trying to lose weight if you can do so in moderation. Keeping things totally off limits could cause you to binge. 

7. Change how you think about your body

If you think you are a fat person, you’ll likely stay that way. Train your mind to see yourself as attractive at any weight and you’ll see more weight loss progress. 

8. Picture yourself wearing something you’ve always wanted to wear

See what you want, get what you see: Visualize weight loss activates  the creative powers of your subconscious mind.
See what you want, get what you see: Visualize weight loss activates  the creative powers of your subconscious mind.

A big reason many people want to lose weight is to fit into the clothes and style that they love and admire. Get a mental picture of how you’ll look sporting something you’ve always wanted to wear to give you some motivation. 

9. Breathe deeply and calm yourself

Once you’re calm, relaxed, and in control of your mind and body, you’ll be able to start thinking clearly about who and where you want to be. 

Back to you, what strategy you use to be mentally prepare for weight loss? Sharing in the comments section, because sharing is caring.

22 February 2013

Day 6 on Juice Fasting: 3 Ways to Walk off Weight Faster

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Today is Day 6. Oops I did it again! I slipped up while feeding my children during lunch time today. Meal time can be so challenging.  I need to remind myself, I am on a juice fast and I really need to find ways how to hold myself next time. 

Just a friendly reminder, have you had enough water today?

Brisk walking. This is my first workout after a long break. I'd never heard of Leslie Sansone before and I found her while browsing for new workouts on YouTube. Her coach style is easy to follow and what is important, the exercise don't stress the knee. The walking workout is quick and efficient for beginner like me. I am looking forward to walking at home everyday with Leslie Sansone Walking Workout. I really enjoy Leslie Sansone's easy going style and easy to follow workouts.

Brisk walking look easy that most of us do not bother to walk. But when it's done right, this simple workout can make a big difference to your health and to your weight. I want to share my reading today from the Daily Mail, How to walk your way to weight loss:

1. How much?

Health experts recommend that we should walk 10,000 steps a day (about five miles). You would probably need to tot up at least 16,000 steps a day to lose weight.

2. How often?

Monday to Saturday: Walk ten minutes at a moderate pace
Sunday: Walk slowly for 20 minutes

Monday: Rest
Tuesday to Friday: Walk for 25 minutes at a moderate pace one day, 30 minutes the next
Saturday: Walk 20 minutes fast
Sunday: Walk 45 minutes at a moderate pace

Monday: Rest
Tuesday to Friday: Walk 45 minutes at a moderate pace one day and 50 minutes the next day
Saturday: Walk 50 minutes at a fast pace
Sunday: Walk 60 minutes at a moderate pace

3. Techniques 

  • You should master power-walking.
  • Stand tall with your arms by your sides and pull your navel towards your spine so that your core muscles are working. 
  • Focus your eyes five to six metres ahead and keep your shoulders relaxed. 
  • Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle and cup your hands lightly, rather than clenching your fists. 
  • Leading with the heel, take a step forward with your right foot and move your arms in opposition (i.e. as your left arm moves forward, your right moves back). 
  • Transfer your weight through the heel of your right foot. 
  • Adding hills to your route will speed up calorie burning. 
  • Walking on softer surfaces, such as mud, sand or grass, also uses more energy than walking on concrete. Walking on cobblestones or rocky ground may have even more benefits. Physiologists at the Oregon Research Institute have found cobblestone walking lowers blood pressure and improves balance. The uneven surfaces may stimulate acupressure points on the soles of the feet, regulating blood pressure. Because it is challenging, it will also burn more calories. 
Walking is one of the most natural movements that we can do.What will you say, is walking enough to lose weight?

21 February 2013

Day 5 on Juice Fasting: 9 Tips to a Successful Juice Fast

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Today is my Day 5.

Most people said that at a third day of a fast, the routine will become more easier. But during the past 4 days, I have not been consistent with the plan so I can't say much about it. I juice fast as much as possible during the day, but I always have a regular meal at night. That is not suppose to be in the juice fast plan.

I am looking forward to get consistent with this juice fast plan from this day on and shall complete by March 31, 2013. I will continue to attached my 40-Days Juice Fast report with a series of "Benefits of Water" picture to motivate and remind me to drink enough water. Gosh, I feel like I'm barely treading water when it comes to drinking water.

I don't remember if I have post about this in my previous notes but just as a reminder to myself, I want to share with you this Tips to Success a Juice Fast. I'm not posting this as an expert or someone experienced but I found this helpful article originally on All About Fasting. Though the tips is dedicated to fasters, but if you are on no-fasting weight loss plan this tips are helpful to you as well.

1. Make commitment

Some people find it easy to make a decision and then stick to it no matter what. Others struggle with second thoughts and doubts, or are more prone to give in to the temptations. You know which type of person you are, and most of us are the second type. And there's nothing wrong with that. We're creatures of habit and when our routines and habits change, we usually feel discomfort. This discomfort can be turned into a sense of excitement if you choose. Examine your feelings and responses around food and the lack of it, and use that information for greater personal awareness. This can truly be an exciting time of personal insight and expansion.

2. Find Support

If you do have such friends, utilize their support and experience as much as possible. If you don't, at least tell one friend what your plans are; it's good for safety reasons to have someone objective watching your fast. Forums are a good place to find "fasting buddies" don't let it take over your time or you'll miss so much of what takes place in your inner world. Fasting offers the most as a personal experience, not a social experience. 

3. Make additional preparation 

In the 2 or 3 days before, eliminate any and all processed foods, sugar, white flour, and wean yourself off any caffeine products. If you didn't prepare sufficiently and find yourself having severe side effects, don't be afraid to slow things down with a small piece of a fresh juicy fruit. While you won't need the sight or smell of food to remind you of food, do your best to clean up your surroundings and remove food items from sight and smell; little things like putting up the fruit bowl and cookie jar. If you live alone, you can tape the refrigerator door shut to stop the unconscious habit of checking its contents. 

 4. Facing weak moments 

While this usually only occurs in the first couple days, you may find yourself having periods of temptation to quit, times you fall into self-doubt. "Why am I doing this anyway?" "What's the point?" "This is too hard." You can get through these moments by distracting yourself with other activities, like light exercise or taking a nap. Or you can face them head-on by reminding yourself this was a decision you made clearly and intelligently, with all of the facts and information before you. Get back in touch with the energy and mental set-up of the person you were when you made that decision. 

Not everyone has these weak moments. Some people actually feel great relief in the act of not eating, finding freedom from some chronic pain or freedom from the social or personal pressures to eat a certain way. If you should give in to any temptations, don't fret over it later, just move on. A piece of food during a water fast won't "ruin everything", and quitting early means you can fast another day as a wiser, more experienced faster. 

 5. Dizziness 

If you should ever feel dizzy, immediately sit down; if there's no chair available, simply lie down on the floor. Fainting can happen and can, of course, cause injury. Dizziness is usually caused by the lower blood pressure fasting can bring about. Keep this in mind and don't stand up or get out of bed quickly while water fasting. Men are advised to sit down on the toilet should they ever need to urinate during the night. 

6. Colon health 

It isn't necessary to take enemas during any kind of fast; they're actually considered disruptive to the colon's rest period. It's perfectly normal to not have a bowel movement for the duration of your fast. Eating high-fiber foods directly prior to your fast, perhaps including psyllium supplementation. 

7. Rest 

If you really must work during part of your fast, and this might depend on how long you're fasting, at least reserve the first 3-5 days to be away from those pressures and the pressures of being around the "eating public". This applies too to those who work from home. While fasting can be inspiring toward your work if you love your work, avoid the parts that are stressful. This time is best spent in partial seclusion, or full seclusion, depending on your personality. 

8. What to do with your time 

Plan ahead by at least having several ideas in mind for things to do: 

  • Treat yourself with a self-spa--take long baths, moisturize your skin with natural, chemical-free moisturizers, give yourself a manicure or pedicure, do a facial. 
  • Catch up on reading (only non-stressful, preferably uplifting) 
  • Walk or do yoga or mild stretching exercises 
  • Start practicing breathing exercises to help with detox and increase lung function
  • Spend more time than you usually do with your pet 
  • Take time for long meditations and prayer 
  • Pick up that neglected hobby or passion - drawing, painting, writing. 
  • Re-connect with friends that have fallen off your radar lately (but not any who will try to twist your arm into going to lunch) 
  • Keep a fasting journal, recording your feelings, impressions and insights. From this journal, you will discover your own unique set of water fasting tips to use for your next fast. 

9. Make it special 

Get out your finest crystal water goblet, or buy a new beautiful one, to use during your fast.

Are you living on a specific diet plan? How do you avoid cheating on your diet? Feel free to share in the comments section. 

20 February 2013

Day 4 on Juice Fasting: The No-Juice Day

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I haven't had my juice serving today. I haven't do my shopping yet, so I got nothing to juice today. I only drink water all day long, and it makes me go to toilet more frequently.

I missed food. Visiting friends' blog who writes about food really tempting me into eating. It is sundown and I was thinking about to break the fast now. I was thinking about switching to Daniel Fast instead. I was thinking about calorie restriction diet plan instead.

19 February 2013

Celebrity Diet Plan: Soo Wincci Choose Fasting for Detox

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Cover girl: Soo Wincci on the cover of Rapi Magazine
Cover girl: Soo Wincci on the cover of Rapi Magazine
Some of you might know her, some of you may not. But she is well known in Malaysia and Taiwan.

Soo Wincci is best known as former beauty Queen and represented Malaysia in the Miss World 2008 beauty pageant in Johannesburg, South Africa. Spokeperson for AVON Malaysia and XES Shoes, this multi talented girl is also a singer and has been appeared on Celebrities Masterchef Malaysia 2012.

Good aura: Soo Wincci is a TV personality, former beauty queen, model, actress, singer,
law degree and MBA holder, PHD student, TV host.
We see celebrities look great on TV and we want to know their secrets. Soo Wincci graced the cover of Rapi Magazine this month, in an issue where she reveals her secret to staying slim. 

Beauty Ambassador: Soo Wincci during the launch of the miracle AvonAnew AF33 Booster
Beauty Ambassador: Soo Wincci during the launch of the miracle AvonAnew AF33 Booster

Secrets to Smooth Skin 
Besides using AVON Anew Reversalist and Anew Clonical Pro Liner Eraser with AF33 as part of her regular skin care regimen, Soo Wincci also take Collagen drink. "Collagen helps to plump up your skin and help to keep your body in good shape," Wincci says. 

Lady in Blue: Soo Wincci during her Taiwan album press conference
Lady in Blue: Soo Wincci during her Taiwan album press conference

Tips to Keep Body in Shape 
Wincci said: "I am not an accidental beauty. I had a difficult past. During high school, I was always bullied and made fun of about my size. I am even bigger than most of the boys. I used to cry every time I returned from school. When I got older, I used my tall and bigger frame as an opportunity to increase my self-potential." 

"I gain weight quickly and easily. I can ate all 12 donuts in one sitting. But fans in Taiwan favors beautiful looking and slim celebrities. Therefore I can't afford to be complacent. I usually eat fruits and drink milk all day. I reduce meats and carbs intake."

Antidotes to Overeating
Detox. Wincci carried out detox by drinking homemade juice from a combination of apple, lemon, lime and two other favorite fruits. She's also enjoy fasting. According to her, it's her best detox.

Detox Recipe: Soo Wincci's Fire Detox Slimming Beauty Juice
Detox Recipe: Soo Wincci's Fire Detox Slimming Beauty Juice

Wincci go to the gym and get her exercise 3-4 times a week. She loves stretching routine. Her tips, do it until she feel the tension, a good pull in the muscle.

Soo Wincci get rehearsal for the One Concert
Stretching: Soo Wincci get rehearsal for the One Concert

Do famous people ever inspires you to lose weight? Who celebrity you look up to as inspiration for losing weight and getting in shape? Share your thoughts in the comments.

* All pictures are copyright to Soo Wincci. You can find her on Soo Wincci - Beauty Queen Turned Singer.

Day 2 & 3 on Juice Fasting - Arts of the Mind Controlling Your Body

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 Today is my Day 3 on juice fasting. Not a victory lap. But I still want to rejoice on the day that I did complete.

My goal is juice fasting for 40 continuous days. But last week was a school break in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration, so me and the kids spent the whole week at my parents' house. Like I have mention in my previous notes, it's hard to stay focus on your weight loss plan when you're away from home. It's very hard to stay motivated when you have family outing, gathering, and party on the list. I also don't want to hurt my mom for not eating her cooking.

Well, I guess it's just a lame excuse.

Yesterday I got back into the juice fast plan. I count it as Day 2, but I didn't finish it well. I break the fast in less than 24 hours. See, the struggle to stay focused is a real mental effort, no matter where you are. Today is Day 3 and I hope to complete it well today.

I browse through the pages of 'The Miracle of Fasting' book to find some word of wisdom to push me through toughest bouts of hunger. But to my disappointment, I found no special formula to survive on juice fast. I'm glad to share some snippets about fasting from the book. 

You will experience a craving for food, but not an actual hunger. It’s the body reflexes that are accustomed to being fed at certain intervals. Again let me state, “Flesh is dumb!” It has all kinds of cravings, but you must be its master. You must control your entire body with your mind – your human miracle computer. I readily admit that fasting takes immense determination and willpower.
- Miracle of Fasting, page 36

Jesus said, flesh is weak (Matthew 26:4) Our flesh desires must be monitored, channeled, and controlled by the mind. So, willpower is key components of successful juice fast. Even if you don't do juice fast, how do you stick to a particular healthy eating plan? I'd love so much to hear from you. Drop your notes in the comments.

11 February 2013

Day 1 on Juice Fasting - Learn to Breath Properly

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Today I embarking on a 40 day juice fast. It's almost sundown. That means I almost get through a day. I  just create a Juice Fasting Attempt label to help me keep on track with this journey. This is actually terrifying me. I was afraid of not being able to stick to the fast. I was afraid to fail and break the fast too soon. Drinking plain water makes me feel nauseous. 

I don't do a pure juice fast today. My juicing machine is broke off and I just get ready-made juice from local shop offering fresh juice and cleanses. I had pork broth for lunch. It's so tempting to eat the meat, and sometimes I have a craving for carbs. But I determined to stay strong and try to finish this challenge. I keep telling myself that I'm not doing this juice fasting to get thin though I still expect weight loss. This is about making lifestyle changes, about diet overhaul. I'll try for a week first to see how I'm doing and only later will decide whether or not to continue for another 33 days. 

Along with Bragg book Miracle of Fasting, I am also have Max Tomlinson's Clean Up Your Diet: Change the Way You Eat to read while I'm moving through the detox. Today I learn from the book about the proper breathing, which actually aiding in weight loss. I want to share here the step by step to do abdominal breathing.

1. Take position
Lie down on bed or floor. Make sure you're not disturbed for about 10 minutes. Loosen any tight clothing. Place a small book on your stomach, on top of the belly button.

2. Take your mind
Take your mind through the body, relaxing all the muscle. Allow yourself to sink into the floor or bed. Focus on the breath. Feel the warm air entering the nostrils and the cool air leaving.

3. Breath in
As you breath in, push the book  up toward the ceiling. Imagine that your lungs are expanding right down into the abdomen as they fill with air.

4. Breath out
As you breath out, suck in your stomach and watch as the book lowers toward your spine. Imagine that your lungs are being squueeze back up into the chest by your abdomen. Repeat step 3 and 4 for as long as you feel comfortable, staying relaxed without forcing the breath.

Do you have any spesific breathing thechnique to relax and reduce stress? I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to leave your say in the comment section. 

10 February 2013

4 Ways to Stay Sane While Losing Weight

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I lost count of how many times I made a vow to myself to start diet and lose weight. But I just can't keep my promise. It's hard to get out of the cycle of eating bad, and it's not easy to undo a sedentary lifestyle. But I decided to give losing weight one more try. I am starting my first juice fast tomorrow. And I will also try to drink 120-160oz of water each day. I am scared that I won't be able to do this but I will try my best for a week. If I feel I can go for a few more weeks, I will continue.

I want to stop looking for new exercises on YouTube or look for new exercise equipments. It's a waste of money to get a new exercise equipment that you'll never use. And keep looking for a new exercise is a complete waste of time if you never try to start a fitness routine. Instead, I will use tools I already have.

I'll take into account this advice I found online. Fellow dieters, I hope this sharing will helps you stay sane while losing.
1. Being realistic and patient
I'm not very patient person. A saying goes, you didn't gain it overnight, so you can't lose weight overnight. But like many others, I hate to wait. And I think it's just part of human nature. I realize that impatient is my biggest diet blunder. Some successful weight losers claim that regular weighing is one of their strategy to lose weight. But I found out that getting on the scale constantly stresses me out, because I'm obsess about seeing a major change on the scale. So, I decided to be more realistic this time, I will still weigh myself but only about once a month to avoid discouragement. There are better ways to assess results, like how tight your clothes are.

2. Don't tell everyone you're dieting
If you announce you weight loss plan to the whole world (like what I just did here :p ), you'll have people talk or judge your diet plan and make you feel uncomfortable when you eat something that they believe should not be in your diet plan. Just tell close family and friends for support. As for me, I find that keeping your weight loss journey documented on a blog like this really helpful because you'll keep yourself accountable. When you have to report to someone else, it forces you to change your action and how you think.

3. Household support
I want to make sure my husband is ready to support me. If he choose to eat unhealthy, he can do it away from the home.

4. Exercise is like brushing your teeth
Having this concept in mind will help to make exercise a priority. You have already acquired the daily habit of brush your teeth each morning. We don't question it because it's a part of the job to maintain cavity-free teeth and a healthy mouth. Exercise needs to be a no-brainer.

Discussion and talk about this will helped start me off on my weightloss journey. I'd love to hear everyone's experience. Leave your thought in the comments. 

05 February 2013

Water Fasting Sucks!

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I tried water fast to lose weight. I slipped and started over. And slipped again, and I quit.

Great, some of you may think. Some people think that fasting for weight loss is dangerous and stupid thing to do. For me, water fasting is one of a powerful weight loss tool. I myself have lost 5 kg in 15 days doing a water fast. Heck ya, that initial weight loss will be water weight but it is still weight loss nonetheless. Water fasting for weight loss can be painful if you're not that type. I quit water fasting, because I was unable to fast on water only while care for the kids. It was very hard to concentrate when you're super hungry.

I always swear by fasting as the best detoxifying method. And as Christian I believe when we incorporate fasting with prayer, it can be a wonderful spiritual experience. Since water fasting is difficult, I decided to do a juice fast instead.

Juice fasting is basically a liquid diet in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices and water for anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Though you can consume whole fruits for nutritional benefit, it was said that you obtain the maximum benefits from fruits and vegetables when they are juiced.

I am currently reading Bragg Miracle of Fasting book. It's a classic book on fasting and the detoxification health benefits. Great book to read while you're moving through the detox. If you don't have ideas for juicing, you may want to try this juice combination ideas I get from the book.

1. Beet, celery, alfalfa sprouts
2. Cabbage, celery and apple
3. Cabbage, cucumber, celery, tomato, spinach and basil
4. Tomato, carrot and mint
5. Carrot, celery, watercress, garlic and wheatgrass
6. Grapefruit, orange and lemon
7. Beet, parsley, celery, carrot, cabbage and garlic
8. Beet, celery, dulse and carrot
9. Cucumber, carrot and parsley
10. Watercress, cucumber, garlic
11. Asparagus, carrot, and mint
12. Carrot, celery, parsley, onion, cabbage and sweet basil
13. Carrot and coconut milk
14. Carrot, broccoli, lemon, cayenne
15. Carrot, cauliflower, rosemary
16. Apple, carrot, radish, ginger
17. Apple, pineapple and mint
18. Apple, papaya and grapes
19. Papaya, cranberries and apple
20. Leafy greens, broccoli, apple
21. Grape, cherry and apple
22. Watermelon (include seeds)

What fruit-vegetables combination would you like to try?

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