19 February 2013

Day 2 & 3 on Juice Fasting - Arts of the Mind Controlling Your Body

 Today is my Day 3 on juice fasting. Not a victory lap. But I still want to rejoice on the day that I did complete.

My goal is juice fasting for 40 continuous days. But last week was a school break in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration, so me and the kids spent the whole week at my parents' house. Like I have mention in my previous notes, it's hard to stay focus on your weight loss plan when you're away from home. It's very hard to stay motivated when you have family outing, gathering, and party on the list. I also don't want to hurt my mom for not eating her cooking.

Well, I guess it's just a lame excuse.

Yesterday I got back into the juice fast plan. I count it as Day 2, but I didn't finish it well. I break the fast in less than 24 hours. See, the struggle to stay focused is a real mental effort, no matter where you are. Today is Day 3 and I hope to complete it well today.

I browse through the pages of 'The Miracle of Fasting' book to find some word of wisdom to push me through toughest bouts of hunger. But to my disappointment, I found no special formula to survive on juice fast. I'm glad to share some snippets about fasting from the book. 

You will experience a craving for food, but not an actual hunger. It’s the body reflexes that are accustomed to being fed at certain intervals. Again let me state, “Flesh is dumb!” It has all kinds of cravings, but you must be its master. You must control your entire body with your mind – your human miracle computer. I readily admit that fasting takes immense determination and willpower.
- Miracle of Fasting, page 36

Jesus said, flesh is weak (Matthew 26:4) Our flesh desires must be monitored, channeled, and controlled by the mind. So, willpower is key components of successful juice fast. Even if you don't do juice fast, how do you stick to a particular healthy eating plan? I'd love so much to hear from you. Drop your notes in the comments.

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