10 May 2013

A Mother's Tragic Death Before a Mother's Day Celebration

Big shock
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The hubs was shocked when he received this news last week. 'S', his golf buddy and friend just lost his wife very suddenly. This news shocked me too though I didn't know her very well. I've only met his late wife once, and she was a very nice person. The hubs found out about this bad news through another friends on his WhatsApp group. He cannot get through 'S' on the phone but the hubs knew that 'S' and his wife just welcome their third baby girl, 3 days earlier before the tragedy. Later that day, the hubs learned from another friend that days before, the wife had complained about dizziness. The night before her death, she asked her husband to massage her neck to relieve dizziness. When 'S' woke her up the following morning to breastfed their crying baby, he found out that she was already dead.


We didn't know what really caused her death. That is the only piece of story we knew and the hubs refuse to asked her friend further because he was still in very much mourning. The hubs got the opportunity to pose his curiosity during an appointment  his with his doctor last Monday. He asked the doc about what is the major causes of  death to a newly delivered mother. And according to the doctor, there are two most common causes: either it is blood clots or retained placenta. I feel terribly sorry for the kids. They are too young to understand. I pray the love of God enfolds this family during the difficult times and helps them heal with the passage of time.

Mother's love really is priceless: Happy Mother's Day
Mother's love really is priceless: Me and my siblings with our mom on Christmas 2011
This incident comes to my sense. Being a mother can be the most difficult thing women have ever done. Mother made great sacrifices and expected no credit. Mother go through a risky position when they're giving birth. It's a fighting between survival and death. But it doesn't stop there. Mother continue to nurture her children no matter how old they get. Mother gave the best childhood she could ever possible to her children. She ran to help when you fell, she is the truest friend we have. Appreciate your mother a lot while she is still alive.

Mother's love really is priceless: Happy Mother's Day
RIP: The hubs with my mother-in-law on Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day is a celebration to honor our lifelong heroes – our Mother. On Mother's Day, time together is the best present. But mom deserve something more personal, gifts from the heart. Which gifts will put a smile on your mother's face? Here are five gifts that I think your mom might love.

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Soothing song dedicate to all mothers in the world: Boyz II Men's A Song for Mama cover by Solero

Now, come back to you...
  • If you're a mom, what gifts you really want this Mother's Day? 
  • and what gifts are you planning to give to your mother this year?
Have a blessed Mother's Day everyone.

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  1. What a horrible thing! There was a lady in our small town who just passed away this week, who was kind of a town mom - it's been hard on a whole lot of people. Such a tragedy. Your friend and their family will all be in my prayers.

    I also wanted to say thanks for stopping by Natural and Free earlier. I appreciate it.

  2. What a sad, sad story! Losing a parent, or a child, is never easy but it seems particularly cruel with a newborn in the house. Visiting from the Ladies Only Blog Share

  3. Wow so sorry to hear about your friends wife's passing. Very sad.

  4. Oh no, I am so deeply sorry, what a tragedy I can't even imagine.

  5. sorry for your loss and the bereaved family.. very sad.. I cannot even begin to imagine the plight of the kids without their Mommy.. my heart goes out to them.. may she rest in peace..

  6. Oh how terrible! I just can't even imagine. My heart goes out to the family...three children who will grow up motherless, a baby girl who will have no memories of her...and her poor husband too...I am so sad for them.

  7. Very sad indeed. Thanks everyone for listening...

  8. So very sad. I canot imagine the loss. My thoughts are with the family. :(

  9. Oh my gosh, how sad. I can't even imagine.

  10. I had a cousin who passed away 6 weeks after having her third baby. Her aorta ruptured. Arteries and vessels soften when you are pregnant and this is a rare and devastating side effect. Our family was heartbroken.

    1. uh, that is heartbreaking :( I never had any idea about aortic rupture before. But from your description, i believe this could be the same issues that cause death to our friend. Sad, but I want to thank you for sharing your story. This is new to me. I'm going to google it and learn more about it.


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