29 June 2013

DiGi WWWOW Awards 2013: Top 50 Blogger of the Year by Nuffnang Category

Remember the #DGWWWOW Awards 2013 I mentioned a few weeks back? Well, the voting is now closed and they have 50 finalist from all categories.

Shortlisting the top 50 entries in each category are based solely on the most number of votes.

Panel of Judges will evaluate these top 50 shortlisted Potential Winners on June 24 to July 5, 2013 and select the BEST ENTRY for the category based on the criteria mentioned as the ultimate winner.

I want to thank all Her Weight Loss Diary readers, friends and family especially to the SITS Girls Community who voted and sent Her Weight Loss Diary to the top 50. I am so honored! 

Thank you.

The competition is really stiff. I know Her Weight Loss Diary is against popular blogs and I don't have high hopes of winning. But being listed on the Top 50 is accomplishment. I can't be thankful enough. These are the top 50 of Blogger of The Year by Nuffnang category.

  1. Shneep's Corner - Because normal sheep and snails are a little too mainstream!
  2. Akma Omar [dot] com - Lifestyle Blogging, Business, Travel and Opinion Blog
  3. Abstrak Hidup - Aku Mahu Kau Denganku, Pastikan Kau Ada Selalu.
  4. Denai Hati - Hidupkan Untuk Memberi
  5. Miera Maira iz Mumbling Troubling
  6. Secret of Shaila - Be what you are. This is the first step towards becoming better than you are.  
  7. Tinta Masterjhee - Menulis Apa Yang Dirasa, Mencoret Ikhlas Dari Jiwa
  8. www.Pengerindu.com - Bukan Sekadar Weblog Biasa
  9. Blog Pakar Cinta
  10. First Time In My Life - Sometimes you should be nervous 
  11. First Time In My Life - Sometimes you should be nervous
  12. Kucing Hitam - Blog Semanja Kucing...Meow!
  13. Fatin Imani Official Blog - you will end up spending the rest of your LIFE counting and still never catch up. 
  14. HafizRahim - Sharing is caring. 
  15. Zamier Zainuddin - A creative man is motivated by desire to achieve not by desire to beat others. 
  16. Angel Love Soldier - Let's Talk About Soldier 
  17. Earncent.com - Lelaki kacak, Cendol Banting dan Ain Maisarah.
  18. In Piscean's Heart - I could be sloppy, I could be sexy, I could be friendly, I could be fiery!
  19. kroleZONE - Sharing all the things in my head.
  21. ErickJB Days - friendships, romance, love, passion, lovers, desire, life & reality.. 
  22. The Story Began Here - Sharing is caring
  23. Catatan Perjalanan
  24. Syazwani Mazlan Official Blog - Lidah akan menentukan siapa anda
  25. Sarcasm Puh-leeze - For your daily dose of LOLs & Running Man
  26. Dr. Totin Jamain - Biar Kena Maki, Jangan Patients Mati! 
  27. Bolehland.net, the webcomic! - The adventures of two guys in Malaysia, in comics!
  28. The Heaventears Haven - Love life by Living life to its fullest.
  29. Sudden Dimension - Controversial yet making sense, leading a distinct way of living.
  30. Irinenadia - Being married at an early age.
  31. The One & Only Me ♥ - It's all about me, my family, my friends & FOOD! XD
  32. Macikz Konah - Great way for me to express myself, share my feelings and thoughts.
  33. Her Weight Loss Diary - One Pound at One Time
  34. Kisah Emas Putih - Ingat jadi blogger ni senang ke? Ia tak semudah yang anda fikir.. 
  35. This is the miracle of love - I know its hard being a single mother but I'd rather do it by myself!
  36. The Precious Gift - I blog to express not to impress.
  37. Kauluan Express - Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit
  38. Aku Penghibur - Jom Senyum Bersama Aku Penghibur
  39. Aecha Charmy Tries to blog! - Found me how typical am i!!!
  40. Drexar21 - Blog teknologi informasi terkini
  41. cheeChingy - Believer in unicorns, and Pikachu chooses me. Imagination flies when I blog.
  42. Ceritaku Di Mana-Mana Saja - Blog Semua Dalam Satu
  43. Datin Tyka Zorro Malaysia - Cerita dari pengalaman yang pernah dihadapi
  44. Miao&WafuPafu Comic Blog - It's Cuteness Overdose! Telling stories with comical blog posts since 2007.
  45. ClassyPyt by Sarvin Sidhu - Beauty, Fashion, Latest trends - just a click away!
  46. CleverMunkey - A munkey with a tale...
  47. Giorgio Izas : Blog & Aku - Life is like a wheel, sometimes we're at a top and sometimes we're under.
  48. Everything in Asyik Maiburogu - We Are Shaped and Fashioned by What We Love
  49. Silent Confessions - Sometimes, hope, faith and dreams are all you need in life.
  50. His Selfish Machine - If you like music, art, photography, musical theater and food, love, you like me.
Can’t wait until the Blogger of the Year by Nuffnang is announced.

UPDATE 06.07.13 : Winner from every category 
1. Blogger of the Year by Nuffnang - Irene Nadia Marcello
2. Shorty Blogger of the Year by ChurpChurp - Typical Malaysian
3. Fave Entertainment Blog by MSN - Kaki Gosip
4. Fave Tech Head by Lowyat.net - Mr.Piratz
5. Online Shop of the Year by Mudah.my - Pestle & Mortar Clothing
6. Top Online Over-Achiever Under 16 by IACT - Ruth Kezia
7. App of the Year by InMobi - Teratoman for Amok
8. Fave Video of the Year by SAYS - Mat Luthfi
9. Photostory of the Year by Yahoo! - Ronan Tan 'The Color of My Heart'.
10. Breakthrough YouTube Star by Google - Amrita Soon
11. Social Media Gathering of the Year by Malaysia Kini - Cyril Dason of Tweet-up Kuching 2012
12. Fave Makan-makan Expert by Nuffnang - Teo Chee Seng of Epic Makan Time
13. Most Inspiring Internet for Good Award by Innity - Refuge For The Refugees
14. People's Choice Award by DiGi/Astro - MyHazman.com
15. Best of the Best by DiGi/Astro - Mat Luthfi

Congratulations to all winners!

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  1. Oh, so awesome! And so happy SITS Girls were so helpful. You rock!

  2. Tahniah Juga Dari MasterJhee....

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog (Drexar21.my) in the list too :)

    keep on blogging k ;)

  4. miera baru tengok post ni BTW thx =)


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