25 July 2013

30 Days 30 Letters: An Open Letter To My Diet Buddy #9 - Finally Notice It! Jess' Weight Loss Story

This is letter #9 in Her Weight loss Diary's new series - 30 Days Letters to My Diet Buddy project. The road to weight loss can be tough. If you want to feel like you aren't alone in your diet endeavors, buddying up can hold you accountable for every bite you take. Subscribe here, because you don't want to miss any letter.

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Dear Diet Buddy,

This is Jess, 25. After a couple of years, she's finally notice a difference. She submit this picture of her looking great and fit perfectly in this one piece bathing suit - a NOT plus size which according to her, she have not had in years. Non Scale Victory! Let's give her an applause.

Everyone's journey on weight loss is totally different. What works for others sometimes may not works for you. But it's worth reading someone success story which can keep us motivating and let us know that we're not struggling alone. This is Jess' story.

1. What makes you decided to lose weight? 
My husband (then boyfriend when I started my weight loss journey) is a very active gym-member. He is an avid weight lifter. I wanted to look "good" with him, be in nicer clothes, etc.

2. Did you drop the weight through diet or exercise or both? 
I originally started with just diet, but added exercise. I count all my calories (I make a lot of my own food- I use myfitnesspal) and keep track of all my work out routines. I do some cardio (swimming/jogging) and weight training.

3. What challenges you face while losing weight? 
It is hard to get out of the "fat girl" state of mind. When I shop, I still grab larger sizes. When I look in the mirror, I only see my old self. It is hard to actually see the difference. Once I saw pictures side by side, it really hit me.

4. What changes you made to lose weight? 
I started making my own food, keeping track of everything I ate and started to work out.

5. What is your starting weight? 
My starting weight in 2010 was 210.

6. Have you reached your goal weight? 
No, I would like to be 150. I have about 20 pounds to go.

7. How long does it take to see your weight loss result? 
It took about a year to notice a change. Of course I saw the numbers on the scale change, but it still took awhile to actually notice.

8. Can you share your 5 best weight loss tips? 
  1. keep track of what you eat and always try to make your own food 
  2. drink A LOT of water 
  3. do weight training, burns a lot of fat/calories 
  4. knock out negativity. it only holds you back 
  5. work out at least three times a day, even if it is 20 minutes.
9. Please share your diet plan and workout routine. 
I eat 1400 calories or under per day. Of course, I do have my cheat days. Sometimes it is important. I usually have a glass of wine or go out to eat. I work out four times a week. Two days of cardio- walking/jogging or swimming, two days of weight training- circuit with machines or free weights 

I hope you will not only enjoyed this story but motivate you to create your own weight loss story. Do you know any incredible success story? Send it to Her Weight Loss Diary. Read more weight loss story here.

Small talk: Do you learn more from success OR learn more from failure?  

Yours truly,

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  1. Such wonderful and encouraging and most of all - helpful - tips. Kudos to you! I know it's hard to see the change in yourself sometimes - hope those pictures help you to see!

  2. Great before and after shots - she must be so proud of her progress :D

    I'm doing the 5:2 diet at the moment, so aiming for 2 days a week of 500 calories. Which is okay, as it means you cram all your willpower into 2 days, but it does mean I have to schedule the fast days on days when I'm not planning to go out with friends!

  3. Oh I LOVE that quote! What people say can be upsetting to us - or it can motivate us!!

  4. Great success story Jess! Keep it up :)

  5. Rachel Cotterill, I never heard about 5:2 diet. I'd like to know further about it.

    Tamara Camera, Leah, & Kate: I always enjoy reading success story, because it gives hope and encouragement. And I'm glad if Jess' story motivate y'all too. Thanks for commenting.

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