30 July 2013

30 Days 30 Letters: An Open Letter To My Diet Buddy #10 - 10 Reasons I Love About Being Fat

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Dear Diet Buddy,

How's your weekend? I hope yours was a safe one. Weekend is always a diet destructor for me.

Last week my sister brought home-baked cookies - they are always irresistible. And one of my sister also made my favorite chocolate cake. I haven't had any cookies or cakes the rest of the week (at my own home because I try as possible not to keep fattening food at home) so I guess a once-in-a-blue-moon treat like this is fine. But it's not about foods I'm going to talk about. It's my mom's soft but 'cruel' statement. When she saw me eating that chocolate cake, she spontaneously commented: "Don't you think you're too fat to have another chocolate cake?" sounds something like that. Well, I know it's not cruel after all. I know she try to show her concern but I still feels offended by it.

"If I was as fat as her, I would not be eating that". 

"We have a bigger sizes." (when the sales assistant in a boutique see you browsing through a 'smaller size' of clothes.)

You catch someone looking at your shopping trolleys and giving those judgmental looks. 

Complete strangers at the shopping mall approach you and introduce their weight loss program.

I hate it! I hate feeling like a beached whale. I hate having my picture taken. I hate feeling self-concious ALL the time. I hate having to swim in shorts and a t-shirt. I hate feeling like a total embarrassment to my husband. I am afraid to be active in front of other people because I think I’ll look weird. But bad self-talk can't help at all. I don't try to make excuse by saying I enjoy great foods, feeling satisfied, and staying overweight is my choice. That is so irresponsible. Honestly I hate being fat. My goal weight is so far away that I don’t know how to be truly satisfied in any loss. But seeing 'fat' from different perspective can empowers us and motivate us to change ourselves for the better.

Why being fat is awesome?

1. I love being fat because it inspire me to find fat acceptance. When I was 50 kg I feel so miserable and desperate to lose weight. Now that I am 74 kg I realize that being 50 kg is not fat, actually. Being fat help me to discover self-love instead of self-loathing.

2. I love being fat because this weight loss journey taught me about nutrition and fitness and how to look after my body when the time came to change.

3. I love being fat because I know what I need to do to make my life experience better and I love that I have the willpower to do it.

4. I love being fat because it helps me to see that I am a strong and intelligent person, capable of changing my life as I see fit.

5. I love being fat because I can admit my mistakes and take decisive action to undo them.

6. I love being fat because I can feel the positive changes that I've made so far and I have so much to look forward to.

7. I love being fat because this journey taught me about myself, society, and empathy.

8. I love being fat because how powerful it feels to take control of my own life so completely.

9. I love being fat because this experience gave me new respect for my body. Being fat doesn't define who I am.

10. I love that being fat taught me how determined and strong and capable I actually am.

You can easily miss opportunities when you only see the negative aspects of any situation. You will easily neglect problems that need to be solved, and fail to take action if you've always had a pessimistic worldview.

How do you stay optimistic about everything every day?

Yours truly,

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  1. I LOVE this post! What keeps me optomistic is looking at how far I've come! I also try to optomistic about where I want to be!

  2. It's hard to be optimistic every day! You have a wonderful attitude!

  3. Nice Post About How do you stay optimistic about everything every day?

  4. I find it impossible to stay optimistic all day but I do try. I just try to focus on the good in the situation not that bad.

  5. I admit it's impossible to stay optimistic every day. Blogging is a chance for me to get out everything that is bothering me, and begin to deal with it. Too much focusing on certain problems wears us down and holds us back.

    Thanks every one for listening and lending me your moral support.

  6. What a wonderful post. Of course it's impossible to always be optimistic but that you were even able to provide 10 positive things about something you struggle with is amazing.

  7. Thanks Tamara. That is a sweet comment of you.

  8. Great post. Although I don't love being fat. I'm approx 60lbs overweight, and started a fresh lifestyle change as of this morning. I hate being fat, it doesn't suit me, it makes me feel tired, wheezy and ugly. I don't like getting called names, having to wear 'fat clothes', stopping for breath going up stairs, having trouble bending down for things because my stomach is in the way, getting stared at, getting acid reflux at all hours of the morning... oh I could go on all day, lol!

    What I love? Knowing I can change it. I don't have to be fat, so I'm getting rid of it :)


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