29 October 2013

Time Management Tips: Top 3 Ways to Control Your Time

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I've been M.I.A lately.

Yes. This what was happened to me the past few weeks. I am hooked to Korean drama after a friend mentioned about it on Facebook. After watching the first episode I continue to the next episode and I ended up spending the whole day just watching all the episodes. And this habit continues for weeks. I must say, watching Kdrama online is so addictive. The plots and dramas are so captivating. It's my biggest distraction. For a while, I lost the momentum and excitement of blogging. And I got enough plain lame excuses too for why I have "no time for exercise" or "not enough time to exercise".

But here I find my focus back. Thank you for not abandoning me.

Well, time management is very crucial for everyone's personal life. It is very easy to lost time on unimportant activities. The greatest procrastinator is certainly you. I found this old book. Not very old actually. It's the Sunday Times' Creating Success book series called Successful Time Management by Patrick Forsyth. I'd like to share snippet from the book that I thought helpful to me and hopefully to you too.

Three Critical Ways to Stop Wasting Time and Get Organised:

1. Do not put off the things you find difficult
The time wasted here can occur in two ways. First, decision making is delayed, then implementation is delayed and both let time leak away. The task is difficult so you put it off, perhaps you try to think of some best way of doing it.

2. Beware of cyberloafing
With internet, informations are only at your finger tips. Some real discipline may be necessary when surfing the internet. It can be tempting to spend a minute or two more 'just in case you can access something better or more specific', and then a minute or two more again.

3. Make use of checklist
Checklist will save time, by preventing those pauses for thought and more importantly removing the necessity to do something again.

Do you waste time? How do you combat the time wasters?

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