10 November 2013

Confession of a Fatso

8 Lovely Thoughts
Yesterday was my birthday. 09.11.2013.

I vowed earlier this year to lose 20kg by my birthday.

...and on my birthday, I still stuck.

I know this gets old, and boring but I just post my frustration anyway.

I love eating, but hate exercise. I am lack of discipline. My motivations keep fading. My diet has always start tomorrow.

I want to lose weight to set a good example to my children. And maybe I want to lose weight to impress my husband. But most importantly I want to lose weight to end the cycle of dieting. I want to be healthy. I want to fit into nice dresses. The bad thing is I can't fight my inner demons. If I can write about something positive it's perhaps I didn't gain weight. I neither gain nor lose any.

It's less than 2 months until New Year 2014. I want to stop wishing. Maybe I just stop posting about my weight loss progress here for now (and by the way I'm not making any progress) and simply follows Nike's slogan - JUST DO IT. Let's see if I really can end this cycle of dieting this year. Let's see. I dare you, myself.

End. Good night.

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