21 February 2014

Confession of a Fatso 2: "I Hate Running."

I've always hated running. I hate running since high school. I always pretended to be sick when it was PE subject, or sometimes I purposely left my sports clothes at home when I knew we're going to have PE subject on that day. I have no particular reason why I hate running. I always feel slow, fat, and uncomfortable running. Just that. Now I'm obese I hate running even more. I feel heavy and so disgusting because I can feel my ass and tummy jiggle when I run.
When I read weight loss success stories, people testified how they've lost weight by running I suddenly felt at lost. I felt that because I hated running I can never lose the weight. I don't like running and I don't want to! Haha. Everyone I know who runs is skinny. This world for a moment has convinced me that running is the only way to stay slim and toned.

This is Susan. She has lost half her body weight in a healthy way and keep it off.
But here comes my comfort. This is comfort to me and to anyone who never enjoyed running. Susan's story is really inspiring and enlightening. She has some chronic medical conditions that makes exercise very painful. She found out that she could do so many exercises underwater with no pain. So she started to exercise slowly and with caution - not to push it. She lost half her body weight in 3 years by just counting calorie - no fad diets or magic pills and learning to exercise despite her chronic health issues. See, I told myself, I just need to find a way to do cardio that I will enjoy, or at least one that I don't hate as much. Beyonce too, she swears by dancing to lost her post-baby weight. It don't have to be running to lose weight. There are many other alternatives to running.

"The key to staying motivated is to find a form of exercise you enjoy, and for me it's dance. I lose a lot of weight and tone up much more because I'm truly dedicated to it."
- Beyonce

My favorite? Zumba. Dumbbell training. And now hula hoop.

Hula Hoop Fitness Facts (Quite Interesting):
  • It isn't just a waist whittling exercise, it's a whole body workout that tones the back, abs, arms and leg muscles while raising the heart rate to about 84 percent of its max, the American College on Exercise (ACE) study found. 
  • Use a weighted hoop to increase the intensity (and caloric burn). Don't just keep it around the waist—try circling around the arms or circle the rib cage or chest to expend more energy. 
  • the low-impact, tummy toning workout burns about 7 calories per minute (similar to step aerobics, boot camp, or very brisk walking) or up to 600 calories an hour (especially if other body parts are engaged), according to Self magazine.
  • It is low impact workout so it won't cause injury and you can hula hoop any time and anywhere. 
  • It is also an ideal low-impact cardio workout if you have joint pain. 
  • It is by far the most fun workout, you barely feel like you're working out. 
  • Learning a new hooping skill helps keep the mind active, strengthening neurological pathways, thus reducing risk for dementia. 
  • Hooping promotes happiness, self-esteem, confidence, laughter and has been reported to improve libido! 
Honestly I'm still trying. I have no idea how come I could do this and keep it up as a kid and I can't now. I can't fully hoop for longer than a minute or two. It keep falling to the ground. I got my hula hoop last week from my diet buddy. It's her handmade hula hoop. It fit perfectly, and personalize with colored tape. I can say this small effort of her is one of my motivations to keep trying and committed to hula hooping. And lose weight. For good.

I'll show you my hula hoop in my next post. But for now:

Would You Try Hooping As Your Exercise? What is Your Favorite Cardio?
Looking forward to see your feedback in the comments.

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  2. YUP. I've decided the Hoola Hoop is the next stop for me! It is a skill I've always wanted to master tbh.. I use to be able to do it, but I have a feeling I've let it slip. I am totally buying a hoola hoop!

  3. @The Diminutive Dandizette: On first look, hula hooping looked easy to me but I am finding it tricky to keep it up, keep falling to the ground. But it's fun, give it a try!

  4. Running gets better and better the more you do it!

  5. I needed to read this this morning!! I have felt this way many of times!

    My favorite exercise is Zumba. It is a little more exciting than walking on a treadmill!

    Take care!

  6. Cohen Ilan: I hate running but I know I need it. :(
    Frances Kendrick: I'm glad we have something in common.

  7. this is exactly what i need.. thanks for sharing how important to preserve your health


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