20 March 2014

Betting on Weight Loss: Motivation Booster or Stress Caused?

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PUKAS. (pronouce: ˌpuː - kɑːz) It's my native language that means DRAW
Diet Bet: Motivation Booster or Stress Caused?, diet buddy, weight loss story
A few months back, my diet buddy and I decided to use financial rewards method to provide us strong incentive to ditch bad habits and finally to lose weight. The game plan is similar to the one on dietbet.com. Everyone is to contribute $50 to a fund, and this money will refund to us at the end of the month IF we hit the weight loss goal. If one of us is losing weight and the others are not, the money will goes to the winner. But if none of us are losing weight, then this is what we call 'pukas.' The money will remain there and will be carry forward to the next month. We invited some friends to join the challenge. We thought, the more participant the merrier and the higher the pressure will be. This automatic pressure can actively keep our internal motivation high. The fear of losing dough or the motivations to make profit from others who failed is likely to help us to stick with the weight loss program. It's lose weight or lose your money. I suppose it make sense, isn't it?
Diet Bet: Motivation Booster or Stress Caused?, diet buddy, weight loss story, weight loss quotes
But some friends we invited to join the bet politely rejected the idea. The reason? Their husband give them no permission to join. Oh, their excuse seriously cracked me up, they really do. Friends, if you're happen to read this now, I'm sorry. I don't understand in the first place why do you guys need your husband's permission to lose weight? This is your body, you're in charge. You're in charge of managing your health. You're in charge of your workout time. You hold the responsibility to watch what you eat. The idea to make a bet on your weight loss is for powerful motivation and accountability. I repeat, for motivation and accountability. That's it. Actually the real issue here is the competitive weight loss game itself and the risk of losing your money at stake. So the 'husband's permission' is just a lame excuse, I guess. I understand that when there's money involved it probably will makes the weight loss challenge a family matter. So in the end only three of us agreed to place cash bets on whether we can lose the unwanted kilos.

For update, it has been 3 months since we started and I have lost...lost to the game twice. And our latest weigh-in was 'pukas.'

Making a Diet Bet on Your Weight Loss: The Pros and Cons  
Diet Bet: Motivation Booster or Stress Caused?, diet buddy, weight loss story, weight loss quotes
PRO -  Weight Loss Betting is a MOTIVATION BOOSTER
Everyone loves winning money. To win cash, you have to lose weight, reach your weight loss goal. It's that pretty simple, right. It's a good motivator. If your money were at stake you are more likely than others to stick to the diet and exercise changes that make weight loss possible. You don’t want to lose your own money, and you don’t want to lose somebody else’s.

CONS - Weight Loss Betting is a STRESS CAUSED
I don't know about others but for me trying to lose weight is a stressful thing. Your expectations about weight loss facing the limits of your will power may cause stress. Like that is not enough, keeping the money you've bet that you cannot afford to lose may be increasing your stress levels. According to research, chronic stress can affect your metabolism, promoting fat storage, and increasing cravings for sugary, high-fat "comfort foods".

The pressure to win may also lead into unhealthy manner of losing weight. You can still lose weight by taking laxatives to expel your waste after eating hoping you can get rid of unwanted calories. But that's not healthy.

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Also, what happens when the weight loss bet is over? Can you keep the weight off? Can you stop weight gaining after that? If individuals don't have the right education in place, they're apt to fall back on their bad habit and will gain all the weight back and an extra few kilos.

So would you lose weight if money were at stake? Would money be enough motivation for you to lose weight?
I love feedback, leave your opinion in the comments. 

17 March 2014

Motivational Monday: Angelica's Weight Loss Success - 60 Pounds (27 kg) Down!

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I found Angelica Recaido on Instagram. Her weight loss story have definitely inspired me! And for Motivational Monday I reblog her story here to remind me that nothing is impossible and I hope her weight loss journey can help kick-start whatever your weight loss or fitness goals might be.
Drastic weight loss transformation, before and after weight loss, weight loss success story

Weight Loss Achievement
She dropped 60+ pounds (27 kg) in 6 months, so average 10 pounds (5 kg) per month.

Weight Loss Wake-Up Call
Angelica wrote on her blog that getting started was the hardest part when it comes to losing weight. Like most of us, she keeps making excuses for being overweight. "I don't have running shoes," "Bob's party is this Saturday," "Mom just bought my favorite ice cream and chips," "I'm tired," "I have arthritis," "Life's short, so eat what you like," "I'm fat. This is how God created me to be," and the famous one, "I'm tooooo BUSY." But the decision that finally made her weight loss resolution stick began when she was admitted in hospital to go through her infusion treatment for her arthritis. Seeing all those sick people next to her made her think about her life and health. She didn't want to see herself confined to the hospital bed, knowing she could have prevented diabetes or heart complications.

Drastic weight loss transformation, before and after weight loss, weight loss success story

Diet Plan
She didn't take any pills to lose weight! She simply change her "diet" to clean eating and stayed within a 1200 calorie diet. She would eat anything healthy and more filling as long as the total daily doesn't exceed her calorie budget. She focuses on not just her portion size but change her eating habit as well. "What are the benefits of this food?" This is the question she would ask to herself before eating.

Fitness Routine
She had no gym membership when she started working out. Her goal is just to be active and move around. She walked a mile for a week, started jogging on week 2, and eventually worked up to Insanity with Shaun T.

Weight Loss Hot Tips
1. YOU have to first be healthy
Don't focus on how you look and what you should look like. Along with being healthy and fit will come those benefits of looking leaner.

2. Get up and Exercise 
There are so many websites (YouTube) that offer free workout routines. Utilize them all.

3. Start off with making small changes to your lifestyle
For instance, start with eliminating rice or sugary drinks.

4. Never give up
If you screwed up today, don't say you'll make up tomorrow or next week or next month. Just make healthier decisions after that.

You can read Angelica's full story on her blog, callmejel808. Follow her Instagram @jelz808 for daily dose of motivations or subscribe to her YouTube channel. All pictures are copyright to Angelica.

I love to hear feedback, please leave your comments:
What is the hardest part of reaching your goals?
 (losing weight or gaining muscle, career, health, money management, etc)

11 March 2014

Missing Flight: Pray For MH307

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The whole nation is still praying for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The searching enter into Day 4 today, the aircraft is yet to be found.

Chronology of events leading to the disappearance of MH370:
(Source: The Star Online)

Saturday, March 8

12.41am: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 takes off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The Boeing 777-200 was ferrying 239 people on board, including two infants, and 12 crew members. 38 on board are reported to be Malaysian.

1.30am: MH370 signal suddenly disappears from Department of Civil Aviation radar. The aircraft did not enter airspace controlled by China and did not make contact with Chinese controllers. (http://bit.ly/1fMqKhn)

6.40am: Flight was scheduled to arrive in Beijing, China.

10.15am: False report of flight MH370 making emergency landing in Nanning, China published. Revealed to be untrue within minutes.

11.55pm: False report of Vietnamese aviation authorities receiving the plane's signal is published. Report debunked within minutes.

12pm: In a press conference in Sepang MAS group chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said that the passengers of flight MH370 are of 14 different nationalities. The passengers include 153 Chinese nationals, 38 Malaysians, 12 Indonesians, six Australians, three French, four Americans, two from Ukraine, New Zealand and Canada respectively and one each from Russia, Taiwan, Italy, Netherlands and Austria. The flight was a codeshare with China Southern Airlines (http://bit.ly/1lHDpEX).

12.30pm: MAS says the last point of contact with flight MH370 was approximately 120 nautical miles east of Kota Baru at the South China Sea.(http://bit.ly/1ff0Kp9)

12.50pm: A Vietnamese rescue official denies that the signal of the missing Malaysian plane MH370 has been detected (http://bit.ly/MVD6H8).

1pm: China dispatches two maritime rescue ships to the South China Sea to help in search and rescue operations for the missing flight MH370 (http://bit.ly/1ozmXDx).

1.10pm: The Malaysian Embassy in Beijing arranges a hotline for all enquiries relating to missing flight MH370. All calls related to the incident can be directed to +86 10 6532 2531/2/3. (http://bit.ly/1kDDcCs) 

1.30pm: A statement posted on the official Vietnamese government website said that the plane lost contact near Ca Mau province airspace as it was preparing to transfer to Ho Chi Minh City air traffic control. The transfer never took place (http://bit.ly/1qhLZuJ)

2pm: The passenger list of all onboard is made publicly available (http://bit.ly/1cJqx8R).

2.20pm: Unofficial reports in Vietnamese and Chinese media have quoted the Vietnamese Navy as saying that flight MH370 went down in the South China Sea. Rescue ships have been dispatched to the area, says Al-Jazeera (http://bit.ly/MVMafc).

3pm: The Malaysian Navy are in communication with its Vietnamese counterpart to verify reports of the sighting of the wreckage of flight MH370 near an island in southern side of the country (http://bit.ly/1g7UnIP). MAS asks for two next of kin of each passenger to be at KLIA at 6pm Saturday (http://bit.ly/1cJtne4).

4.20pm: Vietnamese government confirms that flight MH370 disappeared in Vietnamese airspace (http://bit.ly/1cj69As).

6pm: Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines and United States reported to have joined Malaysia in search and rescue operations.

7pm: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says search area to be expanded.

9pm: Report says Vietnam's Department of Civil Aviation located two giant oil slicks off the southern coast consistent with fuel left behind by crashed jetliner.

Sunday, March 9 
1.30am: A team of 92 MAS personnel has landed in Beijing. The team of caregivers and volunteers dubbed GoTeam by MAS departed KLIA at 4.30pm on Friday will assist family members of the passengers. http://bit.ly/1lKHHv1

1.50am: The Pentagon on Saturday dispatched a naval destroyer and a surveillance plane to aid in the search for the missing MH370 flight. US military officials said in a statement that the destroyer, the USS Pinckney, was en route to the southern coast of Vietnam to help search for the MAS jet that had disappeared in waters off Vietnam. http://bit.ly/1fNPBBH

4.00am: There is no firm news of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing although it has been reported missing more than 24 hours ago. MAS' Executive Media Relations and Strategic Communications Malini Saudranrajan urged Malaysians and people worldwide to pray for flight MH370. http://bit.ly/1fWoaQ4

6.00am: US officials said they are investigating terrorism concerns after two people listed as passengers on the missing MH370 turned out not to be on the plane and had reported their passports stolen. http://bit.ly/1fdfMAv

8.40am: A Texas semiconductor firm said Saturday that 20 of its employees were confirmed passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines jet that has abruptly vanished. http://bit.ly/1kFv3gC

10am: At a press conference Department of Civil Aviation director-general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the search and rescue mission to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 has yet to produce any findings as at 7am Sunday. The operation was carried out through the night and will continue, he said. http://bit.ly/O8QWa0

10.10am: The US government is sending a Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) team to assist in investigating the disappearance of MH370. http://bit.ly/1ipq7fE

10.40am: The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) announces it is conducting investigations of the two suspected holders of missing passports aboard missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370. http://bit.ly/1kF1P1u

11am: Singapore sends two warships and a naval helicopter to help in the six-country search for the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) plane that went missing on Saturday. http://bit.ly/1h3oezS

12pm: The US National Transportation Safety Board said it has dispatched a team to Asia to help investigate the MH370 disappearance. http://bit.ly/1cLYDZO

2pm: The two impostors who travelled on the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 using fake passports were captured on closed-circuit television (CCTV) at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. http://bit.ly/1fVV3ML

3.30pm: The RMAF confirmed the possibility that flight MH370 performed an air turn back. This was according to a recording captured on the military radar, said RMAF chief General Tan Sri Rozali Daud. He described an air turn back as a flight which had deviated from the flight path and into a reciprocal heading. http://bit.ly/1Clzcje.

A poster with words of support for the passengers of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Indian sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik creates a message of prayers for the missing flight MH370.

Search and Rescue Team: The international rescue effort has so far involved Malaysia, China (a majority of MH370 passengers were Chinese), Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia and the United States.

Dear MH370, Where are you? Please come back safely.

Video below is the message from an air traffic controller in Guangzhou, China reaching out to the passengers of the missing MH370 flight.


Motivational Monday: Carla Discusses Her 70-Pounds (32 kg) Weight Loss

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This is perhaps a bit late for Motivational Monday Success Story, but I just post it anyway. There is really nothing more that inspires us then the success of others especially those who have been in our jeans. So this week Her Weight Loss Diary is featuring Carla who has lost a total of 70 lbs. How she did it? We'll let her tell you all about that.

Her Weight Loss Diary (HEWLD): What is your starting weight and current weight?
Carla: Heaviest during pregnancy -195lbs (87 kg); After baby -175 lbs (78 kg); Now -125lbs (57 kg).

Drastic weight loss, lose weight fast, weight loss success story, before and after weight loss picture
The 'before' pic was 2 years ago. I could only wear baggy clothes and when it came to wearing a dress on special occasions, I only wore baby doll dresses as it gave my tummy a lot of space. BTW I had spandex on underneath on the 'before' pic- I had to wear one every time I wore a dress to hold my gut in haha very uncomfortable stuff but that's what u do for quick fixes I guess then I realized there isn't such thing as 'quick' fixes, only hard work:)

HEWLD: What moment defined your wakeup call?
Carla: A visit to my doctor. When the results of my blood test were worrying. High cholesterol, high blood sugar, I also had high blood pressure. I woke up every morning with sore and swollen knees, my body was struggling with the weight I was carrying. This was 2 years ago.

HEWLD: What challenges you face in losing weight?
Carla: FOOD! I love food! Waking up at 5:45am for my workouts, going out-no alco, no fried foods, no fatty sauces/dressings, minimal carbs can be difficult when you're out. Injuries - I used to run, I hurt my knee and had to take time off.

HEWLD: And what changes you made to lose weight?
Carla: I changed my lifestyle. I stopped buying junk food in the grocery-bought veggies, fruits instead of sweets. I started to make all my meals-stopped buying food outside unless i'm out with my family. I used to have ham and cheese croissant every morning! I started planning my workouts, signed up to a gym. Made this my lifestyle. Although my aim wasn't losing weight, it was getting healthy-weight came off eventually.

Drastic weight loss, lose weight fast, weight loss success story, before and after weight loss picture
I wasn't pregnant on pic1, was just heavily overweight. This pic was taken about 2 years ago.  Believe me when I say "If I can do it, ANYONE can!!!" Don't wait to find motivation, just get started with something, anything! Starting is the hardest part, don't overwhelm yourself with drastic changes, that might be setting yourself up for failure.  

HEWLD: What foods and habits were the most difficult for you to give up and change?
Carla: Eating FOOD! I love food! Cutting down chocolates was/is the hardest part for me. I used to eat blocks and blocks every single day! In high school, I found my love for fitness and sports so lost most of my baby weight then.

HEWLD: Diet and exercise - which one help you lose weight faster?
Carla: Diet and exercise goes hand in hand. You can't take on a healthy lifestyle without one or the other, although I believe it's 70% diet and 30% exercise.

HEWLD: You must be blessed with skinny genes.
Carla: Not at all blessed with skinny genes. I was always chubby growing up, got teased a lot in primary school. In High School, I started participating in a lot of sports and became quite fit. When I started Uni, i started to put weight back on due to lack of activity and eating badly. After graduating, I started going to the gym again and got back in shape until hubby and I got pregnant.

HEWLD: Can you share your diet plan and workout routine?
Carla: I don't have a set diet plan. But this is how it will typically look on a daily basis:

Breakfast: Protein shake, Banana (with 2 tbsp peanut butter
Snack: 1 slice of multi grain toast w/lite cheese, low sodium ham and 1/2 tomato and green tea
Lunch: 70g quinoa w/100g protein (chicken/pork/beef/fish,etc) and veggies or salad
Snack: X2 boiled eggs
Dinner: Veggies/salad with 100g protein
Snack: Protein shake

My typical exercise routine:

NOTE (IA) is Insanity the Asylum, my gym sessions will normally only last for 45 mins including 5 mins of warm up.
Monday AM: (IA) PM: Glutes (home)
Tuesday AM: (IA) PM: Back, triceps and abs (Gym)
Wednesday AM: (IA) PM: Chest & Shoulders (gym)
Thursday AM: (IA) PM: Legs/glutes, biceps and abs (gym)
Friday: OFF
Saturday AM: (IA) & abs (home) PM: OFF
Sunday AM: (IA) PM: OFF

HEWLD: How do you find the time to workout all day?
Carla: I don't find time, I make time. I wake up before my daughter and my hubby so I can do my Insanity in the mornings.
Drastic weight loss, lose weight fast, weight loss success story, before and after weight loss picture
The difference between the pics is about 27kilos/almost 60pounds and they're 4 years apart.

HEWLD: Do you believe in cheat days?
Carla: I don't believe in cheat days. Personally, once I have a cheat day, I find it hard to get back on the healthy wagon. To be honest though, I do have them once a week now that I've lost most of my weight but I won't advice it, specially if you're just beginning your journey. A cheat meal once a week though is good for the mind and the body.

HEWLD: Emotional eating is common. How do you gain control of emotional eating?
Carla: Emotional eating-this is tough! Not sure if I've conquered this yet. But I always make sure to have healthy snacks around and no junk in the house so I can't turn to them. I've learnt to also channel my brain that when I feel like eating, I drink water or tea first.

HEWLD: How do you make sure you stick on your diet plan at social gatherings?
Carla: Social gatherings is not as scary as it seems. My rule is to only eat the healthiest option on the menu/table. So if there's fried chicken and grilled chicken-i'll have grilled chicken instead. I always bring a bottle of water so I don't end up drinking soda/juice/alco.

HEWLD: How long does it takes to see your weight loss result?
Carla: I lost 20lbs in the first 2 months and slowed down after that. It took me 2 years in total to lose 50lbs.

HEWLD: When you didn't lose weight for a few weeks, how did you keep motivated?
Carla: I stopped weighing myself cause my weight stopped dropping at one point. I then started measuring and inches were coming off so that kept me motivated. Weight loss is not the only basis of getting healthier. If you feel better about yourself, if you're lifting heavier, or doing more sets,if your clothes are loser, if you're running faster/longer on the treadmill-these are only some indications that you're improving.

HEWLD: How do I get a toned midsection?
Carla: Mid section- Fasted cardio, first thing in the morning. I highly recommend Insanity DVDs by Shaun T. I also do a lot of ab exercises such as leg raises, inclined sit ups, obliques crunches, etc. In terms of diet-low sugar, only have carbs from veggies/salads after 5 pm. Walking (even just standing while doing dishes) 15-20 after a meal.

HEWLD: How do you maintain your weight loss?
Carla: I've maintained my weight loss by not giving myself a deadline! This is a lifestyle change, not a quest to lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time. There is no finish line, in fact the line just gets longer as I add new goals to it.

HEWLD: What advice would you give to your "50 pound heavier" self?
Carla: 50 pound self, the journey to a better health is going to be tough! There will be days when you feel like you've failed but "YOU'VE ONLY FAILED ONCE YOU'VE GIVEN UP" as long as pick yourself up the next day and start again, you will reach your goals.

Drastic weight loss, lose weight fast, weight loss success story, before and after weight loss picture
Carla: "This journey has been long and tough but completely worth it! I've failed so many times but I never gave up." 
HEWLD: What advice would you give those out there struggling to do what you've done?
Carla: Your body is just a tool, it will do whatever the mind tells it to! Before you start your journey, you have to believe that you can do it first. It's not going to be easy, that's why you should be mentally prepared to physically survive it. Try new things until you find what workouts you enjoy doing-chances of sticking to a workout is much higher if you're having fun. Find a support group-family, friends or even a facebook group-to help you stay accountable.

Thanks for sharing your story with Her Weight Loss Diary, Carla. You can go follow her on Instagram @be_healthytoday for more fitness and weight loss inspiration. If you know any inspiring weight loss success stories or maybe you have your own success story, don't keep it secret. You never know who you are inspiring. Email me healthybeautifulblog{at}gmail{dot}com. I love hearing them!

And as always, I love feedback. Tell me in the comments:
other than success story, what stories inspire you? 

04 March 2014

Best Foods for Overall Health

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Healthy eating is essential in keeping our body functioning throughout the day, and choosing the “right” food can be a tricky thing. Food companies spend billions of dollars just to advertise their products, and consumers can be duped into purchasing seemingly health food, but in reality, a lot of store-bought food is anything but.

When making good food choices, one should take into account if a certain food contains nutrients and other properties that can directly support the body’s overall health and wellness. Choose foods that are packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants, energy-boosting nutrients and heart-friendly “good” fats, rather than overly-advertised processed foods. Take note that all foods, even those that are considered super foods, should be consumed in recommended portion sizes. Here are several foods that can contribute to overall good health:

Almonds are usually eaten raw or toasted.  They are often used as an ingredient in various dishes because of their sweet, delicate flavor. Almonds are known to reduce the risk of heart disease because of their high monounsaturated fat content. Almonds also help in lowering LDL-cholesterol levels, which is associated with cardiovascular diseases. Based on a study published by the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, those who consumed an almond-enriched low calorie diet had greater reductions in weight than those who didn’t. Almonds are also rich in copper, manganese and riboflavin, which are essential in fighting off free radicals, as well as increasing energy production throughout the body.

Artichokes are a species of thistle plants that are cultivated for food consumption. They can be served as steamed, boiled or stuffed, which is a great way to incorporate other flavors. Artichokes are also ranked as 7th among 1,000 vegetables when it comes to high antioxidant content. Several studies also prove that artichokes can help in cancer prevention because of their rich flavonoid content. They also assist in cancer treatment by inducing apoptosis, (or cell death), as well as reducing cell proliferation. Artichokes are also effective in treating stomach problems such as nausea, stomach pain and vomiting.

This green-skinned, fleshy fruit has a distinct and subtle flavor, and is commonly served in milkshakes, sandwiches and dips. It has numerous health-boosting nutrients, such as fiber, potassium, B-vitamins, folic acid and vitamin E. Avocados are also rich in monounsaturated fats, which support cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation and oxidative risk factors, as well as blood fat levels. Avocados have also been found effective in cancer prevention because of their numerous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients. These nutrients also manage oxidative stress and kill off cancer cells through apoptosis.

Beets, or beetroots, are a cultivated root vegetable, which are grown for their edible tap roots and leaves. They have exceptional nutritional value and have long been used for medicinal purposes. Beets are a unique source of betalains as well, which has been shown to provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxification benefits. These phytonutrients are also responsible for giving beets their rich pigment. Many of the unique phytonutrients found in beets function as anti inflammatory compounds, reducing the risk of heart disease and other chronic, unwanted inflammation.

Bell peppers
Bell peppers contain a high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants. Red bell peppers, in particular, contain the highest amount of vitamin C, which helps in keeping the immune system healthy and the skin youthful. Bell peppers also contain capsaicins, which helps in reducing cholesterol levels as well as relieving pain and inflammation. They also have anti-cancer benefits because of their rich supply of phytonutrients, which contain antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties.

Blueberries have the highest antioxidant properties of any food, making them one of the best foods for overall health. They have numerous phytonutrients that help and support different body systems. Anthocyanin, for example, is an antioxidant that helps in defending the body against inflammation and oxidative stress, which are common causes of cancers and cardiovascular diseases among others.

There is much evidence suggesting that flaxseed helps in reducing the risk of numerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Flaxseed contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acid, which aid in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy by protecting the blood vessels against inflammation and reducing oxidative stress. Flaxseed also has high lignan content, which helps in reducing the risk of cancers by blocking enzymes responsible for hormone metabolism, as well as inhibiting the spread and growth of cancer cells.

Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help in reducing the risk of numerous cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, coronary artery disease and stroke. Regular intake of foods high in omega-3 fatty acids can also assist in mood improvement and cognitive function of the brain. Finally, this fatty acid also decreases the risk of brain-related problems and cognitive decline in older people.

If you're eating most of these healthy foods already, good for you! 
But if you're not, then what is your reason for not eating healthier? Is healthy eating too expensive?
Leave your comment. 

About the author:

David Novak’s byline has appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world.  He’s an avid health enthusiast, and frequently is featured in regional and national health publications. He is also a weekly writer for Healthline.  To visit his other stories on Healthline, visit http://www.healthline.com/

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