17 March 2014

Motivational Monday: Angelica's Weight Loss Success - 60 Pounds (27 kg) Down!

I found Angelica Recaido on Instagram. Her weight loss story have definitely inspired me! And for Motivational Monday I reblog her story here to remind me that nothing is impossible and I hope her weight loss journey can help kick-start whatever your weight loss or fitness goals might be.
Drastic weight loss transformation, before and after weight loss, weight loss success story

Weight Loss Achievement
She dropped 60+ pounds (27 kg) in 6 months, so average 10 pounds (5 kg) per month.

Weight Loss Wake-Up Call
Angelica wrote on her blog that getting started was the hardest part when it comes to losing weight. Like most of us, she keeps making excuses for being overweight. "I don't have running shoes," "Bob's party is this Saturday," "Mom just bought my favorite ice cream and chips," "I'm tired," "I have arthritis," "Life's short, so eat what you like," "I'm fat. This is how God created me to be," and the famous one, "I'm tooooo BUSY." But the decision that finally made her weight loss resolution stick began when she was admitted in hospital to go through her infusion treatment for her arthritis. Seeing all those sick people next to her made her think about her life and health. She didn't want to see herself confined to the hospital bed, knowing she could have prevented diabetes or heart complications.

Drastic weight loss transformation, before and after weight loss, weight loss success story

Diet Plan
She didn't take any pills to lose weight! She simply change her "diet" to clean eating and stayed within a 1200 calorie diet. She would eat anything healthy and more filling as long as the total daily doesn't exceed her calorie budget. She focuses on not just her portion size but change her eating habit as well. "What are the benefits of this food?" This is the question she would ask to herself before eating.

Fitness Routine
She had no gym membership when she started working out. Her goal is just to be active and move around. She walked a mile for a week, started jogging on week 2, and eventually worked up to Insanity with Shaun T.

Weight Loss Hot Tips
1. YOU have to first be healthy
Don't focus on how you look and what you should look like. Along with being healthy and fit will come those benefits of looking leaner.

2. Get up and Exercise 
There are so many websites (YouTube) that offer free workout routines. Utilize them all.

3. Start off with making small changes to your lifestyle
For instance, start with eliminating rice or sugary drinks.

4. Never give up
If you screwed up today, don't say you'll make up tomorrow or next week or next month. Just make healthier decisions after that.

You can read Angelica's full story on her blog, callmejel808. Follow her Instagram @jelz808 for daily dose of motivations or subscribe to her YouTube channel. All pictures are copyright to Angelica.

I love to hear feedback, please leave your comments:
What is the hardest part of reaching your goals?
 (losing weight or gaining muscle, career, health, money management, etc)

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