30 September 2014

Fitspiration Friday: Grace's Weight Loss — How She Lost 45 Lbs in 4 Months

I owe you Fitspiration Friday post last week, so here you go. Please welcome Grace.

When she first started her weight loss journey in May 2014, she was at her heaviest weight of 240 lbs (109 kg). Too heavy for her 5' 4" frame.

She was at the heaviest she has ever been. Depressed.

About 8 years when she was in high school, she wanted to be 'skinny' so she tried everything to lose weight — diet pills, crazy diets, adderall, laxatives, anorexia, bulimia, then...got into heavy heavy drugs. "I hated the person who I was becoming," she wrote. "Eventually, I just gave up trying for years."

And 5 months ago she finally decided to change her life.

She is so freaking inspiring! In a little over 4 months she had already lost around 45 lbs (20 kg). She did this on her own, no supplements or anything else, all natural — eating healthy and exercising!

How she kick started her weight-loss journey? Quoted from her Instagram post, she says: 
"I have come a long way and there's no stopping me. I am finally doing this! I don't know what made me just finally say enough is enough and start losing weight, there was just a click in my head, like "okay, this time, I'm not giving up!" I don't know how to explain it. But once it clicks, you'll see what I mean :D CONGRATULATIONS to the people that have lost 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 30 lbs, EVEN to a 1 lb weight loss!! I know it takes a lot of hard work to be in this journey, but it all pays off! I Respect each and everyone's journey. Let's keep kicking ass !!!!!!!!!!!"
I believe many want to know her weight loss weapon. On one of her picture on Instagram, she captioned:
"I always give it my all, without excuses & with so much determination. I workout 6 days a week Monday through Saturday for about 45 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes. Depending on the calories I wanna burn that day. I always set a goal before I workout on how many calories I wanna burn that day. Today was 1,000. Sometimes it's 400, 500, 600 or more. I set a goal in my mind, and I hit it! When I first started working out, I'd set a goal between 250-300 calories, then moved it up to 500, trying to build up my endurance. Now I can go over 1,000 :) Never give up on your goals, they'll make you stronger ;)"
Weight loss didn't happens to me last year but I told myself that this time, this year I would lose the weight. Now that 9 months have passed I still stuck at the same weight I was when I first started (and probably gain another extra pounds - I haven't weighed myself in months.) 

But reading Grace's story makes me feel hopeful. I've seen how far she has come. If you're not motivated by her accomplishment, I don't know what will. 
Non-scale victory: Same shirt, 5 months difference.
Just a gentle reminder to myself. If she can do it, there's no reason why the rest of us can't." Amazing people do not just happen. Push yourself because no one is going to do it for you." Love this quotes!  

You should go follow her Instagram @graciesjourney for daily dose of weight loss and fitness motivations. Don't forget to share this story with your family and friends by clicking the share button. If you have your own success story, don't keep it a secret. Write your story and share with Her Weight Loss Diary community here. 

Now share with me in the comments:
What was your AHA moment? What prompted you to begin your weight loss journey?

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